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    Avatar photopanda028

    Bamboo House, take this shit to the next Level !!

    news from panda! got new stuff! Lemon Kush just arrived

    good stuff.the real thing.quality and limited.

    [email protected]

    Avatar photoBrendan

    Adverts for weed on the forum!?

    What did I miss?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Although this is a new level, the audacity of weed dealers in Chengdu has been a staple of this city for years. It’s as if everyone acts like they’re untouchable. Pretty interesting to witness for expats since we mostly come from countries where drug laws are actually relevant and enforced.


    This might be my favorite part: be like BLUEBERRY SKUNK LEMON KUSH codeword:panda.

    The crazy thing is that probably nothing bad will even happen to this person. One day these conditions will change in Chengdu, right?

    The crackdown is already happening in various places as reported by Sascha: Marijuana in China

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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