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    Avatar photoKarena

    Hi Everyone,

    I am interested in going to the Leshan Buddah and Mt. Emei next week Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Does anyone have advice about the best way to get there or other things? I do not live in Chengdu (am only visiting), so advice is appreciated.

    Also, let me know if you want to join!



    Avatar photoLiam

    I’m hoping to go to Leshan on the weekend, but I’ve been doing a little bit of research. As far as I can tell, the cheapest way to get there is to take a train to Mt. Emei and a bus to Leshan, although you can also bus straight from Chengdu North Train Station to Leshan for about ¥50 one-way, if you wanna avoid the hassle. If you go in the morning, be prepared to deal with huge crowds, it’s supposed to get better in the afternoon (also, hotter). There are 2 ways to see the Buddha, taking a ferry that costs about ¥70 and goes right to the toe or entering the park and walking down (costs about ¥90 or ¥50 with a student ID, but you get to see the rest of the park).

    Do you speak Chinese? I’m probably going to go buy a ticket sometime later this week, maybe after all the May Day insanity has died down, and I speak enough Chinese to be useful, you’re welcome to tag along.

    Avatar photoKerong Chen

    im from Leshan, to be frank, the best thing ever in Leshan is the snacks in the corner, alley!!!!!! It is not necessary to spend too much time on Buddha,( sorry, Buddha) , well food can take the priority!

    Avatar photoKelsey

    Just went to both this weekend. Here’s what I did:

    Took a bus from Chengdu to Emei (2.5 hours from Xin nan men- you can look this bus stop up online)

    If you’re hiking, I recommend paying a little extra on the bus to have them drop you off at Qingyin Pavilion a little bit up the mountain. Then go to the left and check out the monkey area- it’s insane. Keep going on the trail and spend the night at Xianfeng temple. Wake up the next morning and hike to Jinyin Palace. Spend the night at the monastery (or other hotel) there. In the morning you can hike up to the peak to catch the sunrise or just hike up later (our sunrise was totally blocked by clouds).

    (If you don’t feel like hiking there are buses all the way to the top- it can be a one day trip if you want.)

    That day you can take a bus from Jinyin all the way back down to the base of the mountain. It will drop you off at the bus stop where you can get a bus straight to Leshan. From the Leshan bus stop you can take bus 13 straight to the Buddha park, then take the same bus back to the bus stop.

    Good luck!

    Avatar photoKarena

    Thanks, Kelsey. Do you have contact information for the Monastery? I am only staying one night (probably Sunday) and want to be sure to catch the sunrise…meaning I have to stay at a place near the top.

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