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    Mina C

    Hope it’s not too girly!

    I’m a foodie and I LOVE to cook! All those who share the same interest are more than welcome to share their favorite/signature recipes with me.



    Why don’t you start us off with a recipe!!

    Rick in ChinaRick in China

    Ah, <3 food too..and love to cook 😀

    This tuesday I found a reasonably good looking steak, 1 of the 20 they had out, at Auchan near Ikea. It turned out like this:


    I like to use fresh cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and montreal chicken seasoning..and rub it into the meat. Can optionally sear it briefly before putting into oven. Oven @ 170 for ~ 7 minutes, glaze in some worcestershire steak sauce (they sell it prepared at import sections, but I usually mix it with something else to make it a little bit more unique) and cook another 6 min on the other side.

    If the steak is about this thick, ends up medium/medium-rare and flavorful.

    Thursday I made some Chicken Cordon Bleu and veggies with Bernais sauce. Turned out like this:


    The chicken just needs to be trimmed clean so there’s no extra fat or tendony stuff, sliced like an envelope, equal on both sides of the slice – careful not to pierce the other side of the chicken. Stuff in some ham or bacon, and cheese. Can optionally herb it up on the inside if you like Basil or Oregano or whatever. Toothpick it closed, cover it in breading – I use Shake’n’Bake I brought back from Canada since I’m too lazy to make tasty breading, and bake it for whatever, depending on thickness, maybe 12 minutes @ 180. You can flip it 2/3 of the way of the cook if you want so the small amount of chicken fat adds to the ‘sizzle’ of the crust, but in this case I didn’t bother flipping it because I was doing a lot of other stuff at the time.

    The veggies are just chopped button shrooms and yellow/red peppers, lightly boil/steamed the peppers first to take a bit of the bite out, then made the bernais sauce – in my case I didn’t even make it, I just snatched up some packs of bernais and mix it into butter / slowly pour in milk while sauteeing the mushrooms in the buttery milk mix, let the mushrooms cook right in the bernais then mix in the other strained veg. It tasted great though. 😀


    Steak looks pretty good. Haven’t tried cooking one in the oven before. I’ll have to try that next time.


    Flash frying a good sirloin or rib eye, then cooking it at 200+/- for 10 minutes is a great way to lock in the flavour. I just had a 7lb rib roast at Christmas that would have been perfect sliced into cuts for frying. Came from KC Meats.


    You fat cats with ovens have an unfair advantage.

    ok, here’s mine; bagel with cream cheese;

    1. buy 4 pack of bagels from Leanna’s

    2.buy cream cheese from Carrefore

    3.micro-nuke bagel for 2 mins if frozen.

    4.Spread cream cheese on aforementioned bagels

    serves one foreigner or 4-8 locals

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    @ray lol

    I’m salivating. Unfortunately I only have a stove. This thread will be educational for me. I just learned how to stir fry.

    Mina C

    @ Rick, your steak looks good! I only use marinade/rub for my steaks with dry herbs. I usually use fresh thyme, rosemary and crushed garlic. I sprinkle the steak (at room temparature) with salt and pepper before it hits the hot pan (when it just starts to smoke).Throw in fresh herbs and garlic. 3-4 minutes each side for medium rare, and I only turn the steak once. 1 and a half minute before it comes out, I’d add a knob of butter to give it a nice nutty finish, and it brings out the texture and flavor of the meat . When it’s done, pour some butter in the pan onto the steak and leave it to rest. Voila…

    Don’t know if you guys fancy pork chops, but I’ve noticed a larger selection for pork than beef in a Chinese supermarket. So I’d like to share my spiced pork chop recipe.

    I love bone-in pork chops but you can also do it with boneless ones. Cooking time depends on the thickness of the cut, I usually buy thick cuts.


    chili powder (1 tsp)

    paprika (1tsp)

    6 star anise, smashed

    Crushed coriander seeds (2 tsp)

    A few thyme springs

    4 garlic cloves roughly chopped

    Salt, pepper

    Enough olive oil (or vegetable oil) to make the whole mixture to come together

    Cut off the rind and excess fat around the pork chops. Place the meat in dish and coat well with the marinade. Let it chill in the fridge for sometime (at least 30 minutes).

    Preheat the oven to 200C/400F.

    Heat a pan with a little oil, sprinkle salt and pepper on the chop and sear both sides until golden. Transfer to the oven and bake for 10 minutes.

    Bon appétit everybody!

    serves one foreigner or 4-8 locals


    By the way, if the Sichuanese can knock up all this cuisine without an oven, you might be able to rustle up something yourself outside of bagels!! :p


    Just knocked up a decent stir-fry. i pretty much cook 3 meals a day, just cos I’m kinda sick of the excess oil in most restaurant dishes here. Gotta say though, Cafe Z last week was pretty impressive…and Rick, man your grub looks outstanding. Food porn…

    Food porn…

    Not to go off on a tangent but I was reminded of this website. Just beware you’ll get hungry quick. Just click the picture to see more scrumptious “porn”.



    I saw on a blog somewhere that this one laowai, as they had no oven here, had taken to making pizzas in a very big wok – and using a naan recipe as a base for the pizza. Would be curious as to how well this could turn out! Steamed wok pizza, man.

    Anyway, the recipes above sound awesome. I haven’t made anything remotely interesting here besides the typical winter curries and some soups – what I have liked experimenting with though are doing fake claypots in the rice cooker with smoked sausage and pork, boy choy etc. Also bastardized biriyani. Rice cookers are amazing!!

    If anyone has any good non-oven recipes to share then please do… need some inspiration.

    Mina C

    @Danielle, thumbs up to the concept of “Steamed Wok Pizza”, but how do they handle the “soggy middle”?

    I don’t bother to turn on my oven for dishes like boeuf bourguignon or Osso Buco, but stews are relatively time consuming. I love making Steak Diane in wintertime, it’s quick but hearty and delicious.

    All you need to do is pan sear the steak to your likeness, then make the sauce in the same frying pan:

    – 2 thinly sliced shallots(or red onions as a substitute)

    – 100g peeled and thinly sliced chestnut or white mushrooms

    – 1 garlic clove, chopped

    – Worcestershire sauce (or oyster sauce if you have to), to taste

    – 1 tbsp Dijon mustard

    – 50ml brandy, or cognac, or whiskey

    – 200ml whipping cream

    – Small handful of parsley (if you can find it)

    1. Add a little oil to the hot pan. Shallots and mushrooms in, season with salt and pepper and sauté briefly. Add a small knob of butter. Crush in the garlic and stir.

    2. Add the Worcestershire sauce and mustard and heat through for 1 minute max.

    3. Flambé the steak: tilt the pan away from you, pour the alcohol into the far end, allow it to ignite and burn off the alcohol (done within seconds). Or you can simply add the alcohol into the pan and let it evaporate.

    4. Once the alcohol has burnt off, pour in the cream and add the steak and any resting juices back into the pan.

    5. Allow the steak to heat through for 2 minutes max. Chop the parsley and sprinkle it into the pan.

    And there you go:)


    When you guys talk about cooking a steak at around 175 or 200 degrees is that C or F?

    Mina C

    @7, for me it’d be 175 or 200 C.


    LOL yeah I figured that out after pulling the steak out & it wasn’t even closed to even medium rare. 😛


    Ok, here’s a cooking tip from Tony Soprano (i saw this on an episode of “The Sopranos”). After you’ve boild your pasta and cooked your spaghetti sauce, mix them together, while both are hot, but only for one minute. This will make the pasta melt slightly and mix well with the spaghetti sauce. Who says The Sopranos isn’t educational? I also remember that The Godfather has a scene involving th cooking of pasta….

    Mina C

    @Ray, right on!

    Rick in ChinaRick in China

    @Ray same goes for adding butter, cheese, or parm, I like super-fine-grated cheese over pasta/sauce while it’s still hot. The Godfather scene you’re talkin’ about is, I think, about making sauce – the fat dude tosses in some tomatos garlic sugar etc, “then trow in your sausage”.. Goodfellas has a better scene in Prison I think, where the boss is up on the garlic with a straight razor..


    Hey, there is a great article in The Guardian today (www.guardian.co.uk) about buying olive oil (sorry, i can’t get the link happening). Actually, i’m pretty skeptical buying olive oil here. Some of the stuff looks imported from Spain/Italy, but on closer inspection it’s Chinese companies using deceptive labelling….TIL (Today I Learned): never buy olive oil in a clear bottle (checks kitchen cupboard, and sure enough, clear bottle of olive oil). Son of a bitch…

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