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    Hello, guys!

    Any tips on traveling to Jiuzhaigou Valley using a privately rented vehicle? Our initial plan is to rent an SUV/Van (if there is such) and a local driver to take us (approx. 5-6 people) to Jiuzhaigou Valley and back to Chengdu (we live by Tianfu Software Park) on the second week of April.  Ideally, we want to make it a one-day thing. Leave at midnight, arrive in the morning, explore and leave around late afternoon.

    I am curious if this plan in general is feasible and how much are we looking at expense wise?

    To those who already went to Jiuzhaigou Valley, how did you guys do it? Any tips or advice?

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Mika Ella

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I’m not sure what the cost would be (that is a long drive) but I know a few drivers, try this one: 13308037447 his name is Heiwer, tell him I gave you the number and negotiate a price. He does not speak English (most drivers won’t). Good luck-

    Avatar photoRick in China

    arrive in the morning, explore and leave around late afternoon.

    First ever attempt at a Chengdu<>Jiuzhai daytrip 😛

    There are flights to JiuZhaiGou from Chengdu, however, it’s typically seen as a 3 day thing – 2 nights at a hotel, or at a ‘locals house’ which is easily arranged. You may be able to cram it into a day, but there is more to do than to walk a path around part of the scenic lake and if you want to experience the place, it’s a good idea to experience it rather than spend a starbucks meeting worth of time there.

    The cost for a driver in your circumstance would mean it needs to be a minivan, as no personal vehicles would accommodate the number of people, have you looked at trains, planes, and a proper multi-day trip? Or is this a weird must-be-1-day thing, because as an avid remote camper I can tell you, it wont be cheap getting a minivan to drive odd hours to JZG to/from Chengdu on the exact hours you need, if you can even find a person willing/capable of accommodating that kind of unique request.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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