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    Hi Guys,

    I just arrived in Chengdu and I’m in need of a Mandarin school. I searched on Google, but it didn’t give me a lot of results and I’m more interested in personal advices.

    I’m not looking for a university, but for a private Mandarin school, as they are more flexible than universities.

    Thanks a lot

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Check out Mandarin Club. There’s a link on the sidebar on the blog part of Chengdu Living. They’re friendly and really qualified (Cecilia has a masters in teaching Chinese I believe). They’re located in the Tongzilin neighborhood in the South of Chengdu.

    Avatar photoHattie

    Come to Freya’s class!! Could you give me your email address please? I’ll send you the information of the courses.

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    Hey, I’ll be staying in Chengdu for at least four months and will be officially enrolled as a student at South Western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) but my main idea of going to Chengdu is to study Mandarin. So far my plan is to take private lessons three hours per day from Monday to Friday (a friend of mine did a similar thing in Beijing and I was pretty impressed/convinced by the outcome). I am not a total beginner but have studied Mandarin for two and a half years now, though only about 1.5 hours per week during my studies. I guess the most professional teaching is taking place at a language school like Mandarin Club or Chinese Corner and not through private tutoring (which I could take additionally), am I right with this assumption? This decision will also have a big impact on my search for accommodation since I want to live close to the place where I’m supposed to be taught daily, and the language schools are in the center of the city whereas the SWUFE campus is far in the west of the city. Any thoughts and opinions on that? Thanks a lot for your help!! Cheers Dom

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I’ve been to both Mandarin Club and Chinese Corner and I preferred Mandarin Club. They’re also located in a great part of the city so you can live comfortably and get to your classes easily, as opposed to being way out in the West which isn’t bad but also probably isn’t ideal for a foreigner in Chengdu.

    If you have the self-discipline for it, I would go for private study at Mandarin Club since they can completely tailor the training for your existing skills. If you go to university you might get stuck in the cracks between high or lower level students that drag the classes in one direction or another. The thing about studying at a university here is that classes begin in the early morning and in general it’s rigorously structured. Some people need that kind of kick in the pants to keep it in gear otherwise they’ll fall off track. If that doesn’t sound like you, I’d give Mandarin Club a shot. Talk to Cecilia.


    My sister arrives tmrw and will start Chinese class on august 6th (next monday). We’re looking for 3 other students to sudy with her.

    See my post here :

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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