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    Avatar photoCharlie

    The third house party at Dojo is upon us. If you guys haven’t heard about these events, they are already the stuff of Chengdu legend. Here’s what’s at this event:

    Half a dozen DJ’s are on the lineup, more will be there playing music. No pop music. Big sound.

    We’re up in the kitchen cooking up magic. Seriously, the food is really good and some of this stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Like Deep Fried Oreos, Grilled Cheese with Bacon, and our famous Baijiu Watermelon. There’ll be more, too.

    Qingdao is 10 yuan, or you can ball out on Beerlao for 20 yuan, player. We have Jungle Juice and locally brewed beer, too. No drinks with umbrellas in them.

    The best graffiti artists in Western China are fixing up the Dojo up nice. Come see art get made during the day, or fire get spun at night. Or play beer pong, we have that, too.

    • Starts at 6pm, goes really late
    • Free entry
    • Location is in Flower Town, the address and Google Map is here

    You can take a taxi directly there, which will cost you about 50 yuan from Chengdu. Split it with friends and get there cheap and easy.

    You can also the subway, get off at the second to last stop on the Eastern end of Line 2 (it’s called Honghe, ??). At exit A1 you’ll see cars with the Dojo logo who’ll take you to our gate for 15-20 yuan.

    The same drivers will be waiting at our gate to take you back into the city late at night in whatever state of inebriation you’re in as long as you can communicate a location.

    Spread the news and bring your friends. See you on Saturday the 15th, this will be one to remember! You can see some photos of the previous event here and follow Dojo on Weibo here.

    Avatar photoLarry

    I’ve been for both of the prior house parties from early on til everyone’s passed out.  No matter your schedule or what you want there’s something to enjoy at any time.  The food, the music, the drinks, the location.  Holy hell!  I spent nearly 5 years in Beijing and it’s near impossible to find a house like this, especially one that’s putting on this sort of event.

    Definitely looking forward to the next one.  And for transportation we’ll be hosting two group rides out to the spot.  I’ll post times soon enough!


    Avatar photoMr. Klink

    No matter your schedule or what you want there’s something to enjoy at any time. The food, the music, the drinks, the location.

    Ditto. Bangin’ event the whole time. Was especially digging the pizza and when that ran out there was grilled cheese for daaaaays.

    The homebrew that was available was topnotch too. Made me feel like I was home again. Was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it this next time around but a recent change in plans looks like I’ll be able to swing it. Can’t wait.

    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    Most fun I’ve had in Chengdu yet. A great outdoor venue to enjoy the summer and a surprise every time.

    We’re gonna do the jungle juice really proper this time. And finally, some beer pong in Chengdu. See you on the table, BRO!

    Don’t miss out on this. These parties may not continue for much longer.

    Avatar photoRachel

    Boh Boh Boh!

    Definitely the best parties I’ve been to in China. This one’s going to be another rager!

    Avatar photoEugene


    How tropical is the jungle juice going to be this time – I want Kongo rainforest jungle! Also did anybody end up staying at the morning bar overnight?

    Avatar photoEnrique

    YO YO! Another party to go wild!

    Music, beer, deep fried Oreos? Hell yeah. Panninis and Pizza? Of course! And can we forget the Jungle Juice? Well… if you drank too much of it then yes.

    Avatar photoEnrique

    Oh yeah I forgot to add this… just like you will forget the jungle juice if you have too much of it:

    Avatar photoDan C

    Great parties, can’t wait for the next one. Baijiu watermelon tastes good.

    Avatar photolifeing

    Can’t believe I’m out of town for this. I’d love to go – will there be one in early July?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Can’t believe I’m out of town for this. I’d love to go – will there be one in early July?

    Yes there will, most likely Saturday July 6th.

    Avatar photoShiya Lou

    Anyone wants to share a cab? I live near JIU YAN QIAO. PM me. 🙂

    Avatar photoJustin

    2 days of work then off to Flowertown to party!

    Avatar photoCharlie

    House party at Dojo tomorrow! Here’s the address to the house: ????????????154?. Party starts at 6pm and goes until late.

    A few things that you’ll see there:

    • DJs & live visuals
    • Big sound system
    • Jungle juice & Jell-O shots
    • Pizza and snacks
    • Locally brewed beer

    Plus other surprises like our new geodesic dome:

    Information on how to get there and how to get back is above, in the first post. You can get a taxi out there or subway, and there will be cars to take you back to Chengdu at night after the party.

    Avatar photoEnrique

    Oh yeah that dome is one sexy beast!


    Avatar photoEugene

    Don’t get lost – exact location on gooogle maps

    Avatar photoCharlie

    This party was nuts, like the previous times, 350+ people showed up at Dojo. Although this party started later than the last (I think a lot of people came from that pool party), we completely sold out of everything for the first time.

    Thanks to:

    • All the DJs who held it down in 3 areas around the house: Martin, Marco, Luna, Justin, Lukas, Markus, Tanzhong & Xiaolong. We booked 6 DJs and 8 ended up playing!
    • Lana for VJ’ing in the geodesic dome
    • Brian for bringing so much awesome locally brewed beer
    • Dan for making baijiu watermelon, Hise for making pizzas, Eugene and Enrique for making brownies, and Justin for helping with jello shots
    • Gas for throwing up some new graffiti at Dojo (it’s slowly turning into Chengdu’s best graffiti gallery)
    • Eli & Andrew freestyling on the microphone to a crowd outside
    • Koko & Sinostage for bringing hot dancers
    • Chris for making jungle juice which sold out incredibly quickly
    • Jake & Larry for holding down the bar
    • Julius: you kept bringing me drinks when I was spinning. Thanks my dude!
    • Adrien for taking photos, even though everyone got too bent to really even take photos


    • The main room being a fogged-out dance floor with crazy vibes for hours. The sound system in there was monster, bigger than ever.
    • Nele singing on cue out of spontaneous happiness
    • A party upstairs, a party inside, a party outside
    • The geodesic dome!! And the hammock area
    • Light up balloons illuminating the main room at night
    • A lot of new friends from the forum
    • Adrien having a blast and then falling asleep on concrete outside
    • An insane crowd of 70 around the ping pong table
    • Jinkinson
    • Light up balloons!

    Some Photos

    Next party is on July 6th.

    Avatar photoEnrique

    Crazy ass party indeed! Indeed the turnout was insane, but more insane was the consumption rates, I still cannot believe that all the booze was drunk before the party was over and that a hell of a lot of people still kept going when we had a dry bar, that is a proper party spirit!



    Avatar photoJustin

    The 3rd house party lived up to the hype! I couldn’t tell if the turnout was more or less than before, but it was still pretty crowded from 9pm onwards. I fell asleep at about 5am and there was still a few groups of people milling about.

    Chris and I put the special touches on that Jungle Juice. It might have been a little too jungle though, I saw some people putting it down like it was a light beer, only to see them regret their decision later.

    Looking forward to the next joint on July 6th!

    Avatar photoalicelilee

    Crazy party

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