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    Hey all,

    Looking for a bit of advice.

    My friend sent me a parcel from the UK a couple of months ago and it has not arrived. It was not sent recorded delivery.

    The address was written in Chinese and in English and I have received parcels previously.

    Any suggestions as to how I might be able to track it down?



    If your friend didn’t pay for tracking or a signature delivery when she sent it, I don’t think there is any luck of you tracking that package down.


    Thanks for that, Justin. I suspected that this might be the case.


    im not saying this happens all the time, but electronics often disappear when shipping international to china.


    It is not unusual for mail to go missing from the UK. Even correctly addressed in Pinyin it can take 3 months with surface mail but, typically, it will arrive in about 2 to 4 weeks by airmail.

    Apart from using a courier company, probably the most secure method is ‘signed for’ but it is rare for airmail not to arrive.

    Kim Duistermaat

    I just received a parcel last week that was sent 20 December 2012. So don’t lose hope too quickly. Strangely, the postman called me on my mobile, complaining he did not have my address… You could perhaps go to the parcel postoffice where you received parcels before and ask whether your stuff is there?

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    I hope your phone number was included with the address. That’s a must have.


    I just got some Christmas cards a couple of weeks back.

    Merry Christmas!!


    Thanks for all the advice guys. Really appreciate it!

    There were no electronics in the parcel to my knowledge, Eric.

    Merior, I guess I’ll know for next time. Although I think it was a conscious decision, sometimes the cost of sending something recorded delivery is more than the value of the parcel itself (sigh). But thanks for the info 🙂

    Kim, like this parcel, the previous one was sent to my school so they will let me know if anything arrives. Thanks for the advice though. A wee bit reassuring to know that you only just received parcels sent in December.

    Yes, phone numbers were included.

    Haha, Merry Christmas, Brendan!

    I’ll let you all know if it arrives..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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