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    Avatar photoSascha

    Vaughn Anderson, an Asia-based MMA fighter and trainer at the Xi’an Sports Institute, is coming to Chengdu on the 23rd to hold an MMA seminar. He’ll talk about MMA in China and in Asia in general, demonstrate some techniques, and most likely roll with a few people if it comes to that.

    Here is some basic information:

    Height: 180 CM

    Weight: 78 KG

    Style: BJJ/ Muay Thai/ Boxing/ Sanda



    Vaughn Anderson is a professional fighter with knock out wins in Japan’s K-1 promotion, Muay Thai events in Thailand, Sanda events in China, as well as KO wins in MMA. Of Vaughn’s 18 MMA fights he has 1 loss with 1 draw, and all by 2 of his 16 MMA wins have been finishes. He is currently listed as 6th in Canada’s middleweight rankings:

    Top MMA News Middleweight Rankings

    Vaughn often accepts fights outside of his weight class winning two open-weight MMA tournaments. He prefers to fight at welterweight (77kg) where he remains undefeated. Vaughn has fought in U.A.E, Australia, and everywhere in between.

    Vaughn is currently coaching China’s largest MMA at Xi’an Sports University:

    We will need to pay for the man’s flight out here as well as fees for the seminar, together that fee should come to about RMB2500-3000. We have 10 people signed up already, just via word of mouth. The more people that come out, the less each person has to pay. I think this would be a great opportunity to bring the MMA crowd in Chengdu together for a little conference.

    If you have any questions, please respond in this forum thread. The exact time and location is yet to be determined.



    Avatar photoCharlie

    What will the cost be? What’s the duration of the seminar? Is there any specific info on what he’ll talk about, or is it pretty much just Q&A freestyle type event?

    Avatar photoSascha

    the cost will be 2500-3000, mentioned in the post. It will be a full day on the 23rd. As for what will be discussed, I’ll let Vaughn answer those questions, i sent him this link

    Avatar photoSascha

    it might be less really, i am just guessing at the flights and also for the man’s time. But basically, the above estimate is about right. It should be straight as long as we get 20 or more people. Hollering at JerryS and crew!!!

    Avatar photovaughn

    Hey guys, I cant check this site every day, but will do my best to answer q’s for you when I can.

    My seminars are about 2 hours long, and in CD I’m planning to show some mma specific stuff- like ground and pound, & fighting of a cage- stuff that you wouldnt learn in other martial arts classes plus some tricks I think are really cool.

    I can hang out after the seminar and answer any questions you guys have. This will just an intro to techniques i’m guessing most people haven’t seen before. No one is gonna get beat up, so its open to every one with an interest in the sport of mma fighters and fans too.

    See you guys on the 24th

    Avatar photoCharlie
    the cost will be 2500-3000, mentioned in the post.

    I think the per-person cost is a lot more useful for prospective students, rather than your per-event cost. Based on your estimate of 20 people, that means about 120 yuan per person?

    Avatar photoEli

    I think youre better off to set a price per person upfront, and just hustle to get the numbers that you need to cover the costs. People will be more willing to rsvp for it if they know how much it will cost.

    I would probably attend.

    Avatar photoSascha

    Ok, let’s put the fee at 50RMB per head and see how we do. Everyone from the Forum who is interested, please RSVP in this thread. Thanks

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I’m down to check this out. I’ve heard of the Legacy gym in Thailand that Vaughn has trained at. I’d be interested to hear how training in Thailand compares to China.

    Avatar photoSeabass

    Sascha, can you advise the venue and time please? I can’t join in due to my knee, but I will definitely pay 50 RMB just for the possibility of seeing you and Eli dropped on your noggin 🙂

    Avatar photoRay

    yeah i can swing 50 kuai. Sounds good….

    Avatar photoSascha

    Ok brothers and sisters,

    We will be holding this event in one of two places: San Sheng Xiang Kung Fu School or, if JerryS appears, I may try and convince him to hold it at his gym. Time will be Sunday afternoon.

    The key is, Chengdu needs to come through with people, or this doesn’t happen. So if you are interested in MMA, or just want to watch Vaughn beat me up, speak up.

    If you have any questions, please drop them here and I will find a way to answer them,

    Avatar photoJerryS

    I have to teach BJJ class on the 24rd. Is there a venue for this to be taken place at?

    This is very last minute, ill try my best. The possible location is 25 hours, we can hold it there form 11-1pm, which is the time i teach, but people come there for bjj. Ill talk to my guys thurs to see if there are any interests.

    As for the fees, i charge 30 rmb per class, open to everyone. Those who comes travel great distances and of ‘ALL’ classes. So the price reflects what they are able to afford. Pretty low yes, but thats how i roll… For all people to train. But since it’s going to be a seminar, we can try to work something out, which all proceeds goes to him (taking away my lunch money!!:P)

    And also note since it’s the first sunday back from spring fest, i believe most of my guys would just want to roll and train, shaking the cobwebs off. Like i typed, this is a last minute seminar… As of this moment, the bjj club has been planning to bring a black belt from HK over to do a 3 day seminar, been in plans for a few months before everything is finalized….

    Avatar photoSascha

    well I have been thinking about this and I think the best solution is instead of doing something last minute like this, let’s use this thread to organize a couple proper events. Perhaps JerryS, you and I can help bring over both of these guys for a weekend/few days …

    I will change the title of this post to reflect reality.

    Avatar photoJerryS

    Is this event 23rd or 24th? Dates matter. If it’s 23rd, then we will try to find a place. Already this has gained interests with some members of the club.

    Even though it’s last minute, i believe we can accommodate the needs. Not sure if it’s the same person, but someone approached an Admin for the bjj club to do a seminar, we were not able to do it because the club is small and primarily bjj (sport and self defense). But if it’s open to a greater community, then that’s a different story! A common ground with different groups is best i believe.

    Avatar photoSascha

    thanks JerryS, I am coming to your gym on Sunday, and we’ll straight this out ONCE AND FOR ALL! please don’t choke me out on camera.

    But really, I talked with your friend and we’ll hash out some details on Sunday, and see if we can’t get the ball rolling on some MMA in Chengdu

    Avatar photoRick in China


    Rick in China +1 please, but, is there a final where/when? 23rd as in original post?

    Avatar photoSascha


    @everyone else

    Sorry for the confusion, the event will not be held this weekend, we’re going to plan it for sometime in March. I will keep this thread posted.

    Avatar photoJerryS

    Yea see ya sunday.

    MMA is very small here in China and will it grow big? Not sure, in the US it is big, but due to the UFC and other martial arts (BJJ, wrestling boxing gyms ect ect). Yet the people who runs these gyms/schools are private entities, with no backing from the US govt. UFC almost folded if it werent for the Bonner/Griffin fight… Also Pride folded too (private/backroom deals that fucked them over).

    As for China, in order for something to be ‘famous’ or become popular is the backing from the Chinese gov’t. I do not see MMA becoming too big here. Even if MMA becomes big, private MMA gyms don’t do quite well in earnings and in attendance. Been in this game for too long to know how gyms work and operate. Which is why BJJ is a good. The biggest gyms in the world is BJJ based (Renzo Gracie in NYC).

    Will MMA in CD become huge? Not for a few years. For every MMA fighter there has to be a ‘base.’ Im leading the BJJ base here and Moko is going to create a team with a Muah Thai base (and hopefully me being lead BJJ instructor/MMA coach).

    These are my feelings for MMA. Infact, MMA is kinda declining now. Not as popular as a few years ago. Just not enough money in it and recycling of fighters…

    Avatar photoSascha

    very interesting JerryS. Vaughn trains with fighters in Xi’an, all sponsored by the government. They get paid to train, Was one of Vaughn’s major observations re: difference between China gyms and other gyms around the world.

    Here is an interesting article on MMA:

    And this is what I wrote about it a couple weeks ago:

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Can’t wait to get everyone together for a lil hodown.

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