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    My husband, 4 month old son and myself might be moving to Chengdu very soon. I need some information on where I can find baby formula, diapers, etc,. Is is easy to find imported brands? Also are there western clinics where I can take my son for his immunizations and vaccinations? Aside from this we would also like to know what are the best areas to live in? We would like to find an expat area with services apartments or houses. Somewhere close to a park or playground and also a gym.

    Looking forward to any info! Thanks.


    hey Jenny–

    It is very easy to get baby items (including those you mentioned) here. Any major supermarket would have them (Carefour, Auchan, Metro, etc. etc.) You can find imported formula at all those places. there are also western clinics here (parkway and global doctors–both have websites). as far as i know only Global Doctors can currently administer imported vacciness. My husband, 3 kids and i live on the south side of town, which is where the majority of expats in CD live. We really like the area and within walking distance are several nice gyms, grocery stores, western import stores, etc. etc.


    most chinese mamas look to the web for their goods, because they don’t trust any products sold IN china, regardless of whether or not they are imports. This might sound extreme … you can check out the Giving Birth in Chengdu Series for a bit more info too. All in all, there is no problem having a child here in Chengdu. Everything is available and even if it is not like home, things still work out fine here.

    I will be writing about buying the stuff you mentioned in my next story.


    Hey Sascha. Where do these Chinese mamas buy their goods online? Do they buy them from out of the country and have them shipped in? I’ve lived here for 11 years and have 3 young chidren here and I’ve never heard of that. i know they typically don’t trust Chinese brand formula but i didn’t know people were importing their formula in.


    yeah they are importing them in, it usually works like this: one mama goers abroad, has a friend abroad and everyone places orders with her, but now there are taobao stores online that sell imported formula,toys,clothes everything … my wife sells a lot of American baby products that we have sent here for us and for the mamanet ladies.


    hi, welcome you to Chengdu!

    There are infant formula ranking for reference purposes only

    Here are the Maternal and Child Products Buy Online # cat-life

    The most convenient way, you come to Chengdu, you can find in large supermarkets, a number of international brands of maternal and child products, foreign supermarket “Carrefour”, “Ito-Yokado”, “Isetan” might make you more at ease.

    Usually live in regional hospitals, or specialized Maternal and Child Health Hospital, is able to child immunization and vaccination.

    Chengdu is now a lot of the apartment facilities are perfect. south of the city, has many foreigners prefer to live here.

    Through these sites you can find satisfactory housing

    Recommended .

    Chengdu SouFun

    Chengdu Map English

    Chengdu 3D maps (Ring, no other only too well)

    My douban Group (the provision of meteorological, foreign, media, entertainment and so on-line links)


    Wow, bizarre.

    I, too, have a 4 month old son, and we hope to move to Chengdu in August. My husband is an English teacher, so he’s still looking for jobs right now, but Chengdu is where we’re hoping to move. We won’t need formula or diapers (breastfed & cloth diapered) but I have been wondering how the vaccinations go overseas.

    I imagine that it’d be nice to know someone else with a baby of the same age, so maybe we can keep in contact!

    Oh, and there seems to be a pretty active Women’s expat society in Chengdu: That has some good info & links on there too. 🙂


    Hi Jenny,

    The Chengdu International Women’s Club should be able to help you further since most of them are mothers with (young) children.

    The imported brands are available at the big supermarkets like Auchan, Carrefour, Ito Yokado… so no need to worry about that.

    For vaccinations, you can go to Global Doctors or Parkway but there are also very good doctors at 2nd West China Hospital and Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital who can speak English.

    For housing, please take a look at We have a wide selection of apartments and (town)houses in the South of Chengdu in all price ranges. Don’t hesitate to contact our bilingual staff for more information.



    Hi Ladies:

    Here is my most recent post on the subject of buying stuff for children/babies in Chengdu. Feel free to make comments/suggestions!



    Hello there, SO GLAD to find this place. My family will be moving to Chengdu this summber. I’m a mother of two toddlers, 20mos son and 32mos daughter. My hubbie is from the States and i’m from Southern China. We are desperate to meet new frinds in Chengdu after 2 yrs of ASOCIAL life in this unpleasant city Harbin.


    Welcome to Chengdu 🙂


    please feel free to contact me about anything here or any of the other ladies that have posted here. this summer we will be opening a small tea house/play house for the Mamanet mothers and children. so far the plan seems to be every weekend a group of moms will come through and spend the afternoon hanging out. i live outside the city a bit, about 20 minutes by car, in a countryside/flower base area called San Sheng Xiang. If anyone is interested, let me know I can send maps and we will also arrange a car for people too.



    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for all of your great responses and advise. I am sorry to reply so late. We are still not 100% sure if we are moving to Chengdu, only 95% sure!!!

    Sascha, I have been reading your articles and they are great! Thanks for your advice on how to buy baby products, etc. And I think it would be great to have a mommy and baby group. I am currently involved in one here in Vietnam.

    Micha,thanks for the info on housing and the International ladies group. It is always nice to know these things ahead of time.

    Ameya, we should meet for sure. I think we will arrive before you. So let’s keep in contact. Any idea where you will live?

    Thanks to everyone who responded!


    Welcome my friends

    I’m a old Taoist,my name is wuma

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