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    Avatar photoHua Zhou


    We need 100 English Teachers in Chengdu, it is a good opportunity for students (from Canada, USA, UK, …etc.) to do an internship or international “co-op” or study abroad.

    wish to hear you soon

    Hua Zhou

    Vancouver, Canada


    Avatar photoDanielle

    3000rmb a month salary for teaching, and “interns” need to pay $1600 usd admin fee? sounds like a deal!

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Amusing site. The content is poorly written, amusing considering it’s trying to attract English ‘teachers’. I like some of it though, like the link to “Chengdu Girls” youtube video…. very funny. I feel really bad for any poor foreigners tricked into this kind of situation….scams always expected when anything is looked for in bulk like this – unless it’s, like, a garbage bag full of hookers, that’d be legit.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I was going to delete this, but the sheer gall of posting an ad looking for 100 English teachers is entertaining enough to keep around. They must think they’re building the Great Wall of English Teachers or something.

    Avatar photoBrendan
    wish to hear you soon

    Wish you to know this is hilarious.

    Avatar photoVincent

    From the FAQ:

    Q: I want to visit Beijing and Shanghai, is it possible to be arranged if I choose to work in Chengdu?

    A: This is not a problem, during the school break, you can travel to other cities. Traving in China has never been so easy by train, about 300 miles per hour

    Since when does this train “trave” between Chengdu and Beijing/Shanghai?

    Avatar photoHua Zhou

    Hello Guys:

    Just clarify a few things:

    1) this program is REAL, not scam, as explained in FAQ, if any of you can refer friends join this program, highly appreciate!, we wish to get about 25 teachers at the end of Feb., 2012. One reason of “poorly written” is due to time too rush to meet recruiting goal. just can’t wait…., will improve.

    2) Some youtube link under Job Description are ours REAL video, other youtube links just find from website, not ours.

    3) We did not say the train between Chengdu and Shanghai, did we ??? will make it clear tomorrow, between Shanghai and Beijing.

    4) I really like this site !!!

    I must go sleep, good night !

    Hua Zhou

    Avatar photoGAVVIE

    Thank you for a fantastic site!! I’m new here and reading this thread was hilarious…and eye opening.

    Avatar photoGAVVIE

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you had a nightmare.I have TESOL but too old(not flexible) so I will not be applying.You really have 100 apartments?..with ‘Micorwaves’?? Spend some of the $160,000 on finding an English editor for your ad.OH!!..and tell your candidates who pass through Shenzhen to go to the “Civilised Airport”. Dream on……

    Avatar photolinka999

    3month work without salary,

    wow, cool ~~

    Avatar photolinka999

    For half years contract.

    3000RMBX6 month=18,000RMB



    6month teaching got 6,420RMB together. and you need pay your own return tickets to Chengdu. And you have to cook for 180days lunch and dinner, and you have to buy cheapest food, and you have to remember no bar for every weekend! even if you want to have a bottle of 10yuan beer, you can’t afford it.

    WOW~~~ I like it! I really like it! 🙂

    Avatar photolinka999

    For food spending .


    25RMB a day include breakfast and lunch and dinner

    i remember now a bowl of noodle is 7RMB around in Chengdu. some ask 10 RMB around.


    still got 4RMB left, can buy 2 bottle of water.

    After whole day only eat 3 bowl of noodles , do need drink 2 bottle of water, if don’t , will get faint during teaching.

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