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    Avatar photoJessphillnz

    Hey all,

    Just putting feelers out on wether there could be a market for a expat hairdresser/beautician in Chengdu?

    I have a friend who is a very experienced hairdresser, and is looking to relocate out of New Zealand, Would this be a good place for her to go?

    Any comments would be very helpful!

    Thank you

    Avatar photoSascha

    actually, yes. There are some expat hairdressers in Shanghai and as soon as the word gets out, the ladies come a runnin. At least to check it out. I would check pricing here (might match or even exceed home levels) and maybe peep what the Chinese ladies are into. I do know that they love Japanese hairdressers, and are always down for something new.

    My wife is talking about getting her hair did.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Hairdressers can make a lot of cash, also. I met a Japanese male stylist through a friend recently who charges something like 600 yuan per session. People are willing to pay it, too. One challenge might be how to market your service to upscale Chinese, though. I think both men and women are potential customers, a lot of Chinese guys take their hair seriously. At Natooke bike polo last Saturday I was introduced to a young Chinese fellow who gets his hair permed at a salon everyday. His hair looks as over the top as you’re thinking.

    Avatar photoLarry

    Yeah. That kid’s nuts! He spends 30-45 minutes every day at the salon to get his hair done up. I asked his buddy how much each session costs and did a rough tally and he alone spends about 4000 yuan annually on his hair.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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