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    Avatar photoNaomijz

    Hi everyone,

    I am here looking for some advise regarding to working in overseas/sometimes in China, sometimes in another country.

    I am 26, having experience of working with foreign and Chinese companies in Chengdu since the year of 2012. I am glad that the previous working expreiences have given me a very good understanding of business in China as well as culture differencse in different regions of the world.

    I see myself a person who is passionate in discovering and never limit to my ability. At the moment, I am considering to find a job which allows me working in another country or in China sometimes. I am sure it will be a great thing for me to do.

    More about me:

    Graduated in 2012, working in an international association in charge of events organising and office administration since, gained very good experience of commuication and networking. About 1 year after, I have formed a partnership with my foreign friend starting doing business in Chengdu. A very precious experience which gave me a good knowledge of company establishment as well as all aspects of running a company in China, inernational trading and cooperative partnership. At meantime, I also working in a foreign architecture company for getting clients/projects. An unforgetable experience which is composed of stress of rejection from countless phone calls and visits, patience of following up clients, details of communication between clients, designers and my manager,  and of course, the laughters when reciving the payment from the clients.

    In this year, I have worked in a public institution but I realised I still prefer to work in a more business environment, so I am now looking for a new start.

    Not sure if its the right place for posting this but I have noticed there are people from different background viewing the forum, so I am here to try my luck, would be great if any of you know a website that opening opportunity for Chinese people to work overseas or even you know any company is looking for someone like me for their business. Thank you for your advise and help in advance.

    If you have any idea, pls send me an e-mail at: [email protected].

    PS: Thank you Charlie and your mates for providing us this informative platform.

    Avatar photoCharlie


    What did you major in? Looking for a job on Chengdu Living is probably a long shot. But if you’re going to do that, I would include your resume, your major, experience, perhaps your LinkedIn profile, etc. Obviously there are many Chinese websites for job seeking (e.g. but I understand that you may be seeking employment with a foreign company in particular. I find that most of those job opportunities (for local people) come through personal connections, so it may be more valuable for you to network. Good luck!

    Avatar photoNaomijz

    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you for the advice. Actually, I have been checking Chinese website for some days but havent found a suitable one. Anyway, here is my linkedin profile, hope this can be helpful:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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