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    Avatar photoFederico

    Really a good news for us,

    in may of this year will open a new AirChina line Frankfurt – Chengdu!

    Avatar photoBen

    Also, for those who don’t already know. British Airways are opening a flight direct to London from Chengdu on Septmeber the 22nd. More info here.

    Avatar photoFederico

    Another good news… you think London is cheapest than Frankfurt or same? which factors can make the difference?

    Avatar photoles

    cool, saw the frankfurt flight (3 x per week?) but didn’t see the london flight.

    fyi, chengdu will soon begin constructing a new airport in the east (around jianyang) that is supposed to open in 2017 – designed to be 3x the size of shangliu with 5 runways.

    in a few years, chengdu will probably have direct flights to many U.S. and European cities.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Awesome news. Hopefully the flight is less than 6k round trip.

    Avatar photoFederico

    I hope around 5000 kuai with this new lines! utopia?

    Avatar photoRay

    Depends on the price. When i travelled to Spain last August it was still cheaper to go via HK, even taking into account the expense of getting there from Chengdu.

    Avatar photoBrendan

    British Airways recently held a swanky hoo-ha at Shangri La Hotel to promote the UK-Chengdu flight, inviting ‘big wigs’ and such from across the region. I imagine this flight is going to be baller expensive initially, shortly after which they’ll realise not enough people are taking it (dependent on frequency), and the price will come down. All pie in the sky though until the price is made public.

    Avatar photo7

    This is awesome news as I was planning on flying to Frankfurt in late May. Looks like it costs about $1,000 RT per person.

    Avatar photoshu



    May Frankfurt-CD

    Jun Paris-CD

    Sep London-CD

    3 new choices this year~

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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