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    We are looking for qualified candidates to serve as Sales Representatives!

    We are an American company that owns a large quantity of land in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and more. Fred Samango, the owner of the land, is one of the largest landowners in America. While there has already been success selling land lots to American, Japanese, and Korean investors, we are now branching out to mainland of China to extend real estate investment opportunities to Chinese citizens, businessmen and investors. We will create a sales team of qualified and diligent individuals who will find potential customers, arrange meetings and give presentations using the sales kit provided by us, and make money in commissions based on property sales.

    THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN EARN. The more properties you sell, the more money in commissions you take home, it is as simple as that. Nevertheless there will a supplemental monthly income in addition to commissions. Details about commissions and monthly wage rates will be discussed upon your inquiry. College educated individuals are preferred. Networking skills are crucial. Should you already have access to existing networks of interest, we will take that in consideration during the application and hiring process.

    It will be your responsibility to search for potential buyers, make contacts, arrange meetings, give presentations, and guide land buyers through the purchasing process. As previously mentioned our company will provide you with all the materials needed to advertise, promote, and make sales, to include a sales kit and a sales pitch presentation. We will also administer training to familiarize you with the properties, the materials, the purchasing process and other pertinent information.
    If you are interested, contact us at:

    [email protected]

    And include a short description of your skills, experience, education, and other information you believe to be relevant. Should you be brought on to our team, expect to start soon.

    Details and questions about the company, the properties, commissions and earnings, etc. will be addressed after you send us an inquiry message including your description.

    Hawaii Arizona Corporation
    [email protected]

    Avatar photoJerryS

    Welcome to Chengdu… And gmail corporation email address, nicee touch…

    Avatar photoHawaiiAZ

    Yes, Jerry, the gmail email address is a temporary measure while the website for China is being developed.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Interesting… so you’re looking for salespeople to sell American property to Chinese buyers in Chengdu, correct?

    Can you share some information on how payment works? Is it purely commission-based?

    Avatar photoHawaiiAZ

    Aloha Charlie,

    Yes, our Sales Representatives will sell American land lots to investors, businessmen and other buyers in Chengdu. We also have plans to later expand to other major Chinese cities.

    We have thousands of undeveloped American land lots in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, and Missouri. Since 2008 the prices for these land lots have fallen significantly (for example, Hawaiian lots that would sell for $50,000 in 2007 are selling for $15,000 now) but as recently as this year the market is picking up and prices are back on the rise. Check the Wall Street Journal, there is plenty of data to demonstrate this.

    There is a lot of development going on and the land is being bought up quick. In as short as 2-3 years these land lots will simply not be available at the kinds of prices they are selling for now. We are giving buyers in China an opportunity to take advantage of the bad American economy and very low land prices, buy this land now and see a very large return on investment. These land lots are not only a great way to diversify a portfolio, but Mr. Samango’s lots are already approved ready-to-build home-sites. 

    We will have the website for China set up soon, which will have much more information about the land lots and the entire process.

    Essentially, yes, the majority of Sales Representatives earnings will be commission-based. Nevertheless there will also be a smaller monthly paycheck in addition to any commissions earned. We highly value building a quality, dedicated, motivated and satisfied Sales Team and so commissions will be a high percentage of the profit margin.

    ~Feel free to ask any other questions~

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