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    I have just tested Outline by Jigsaw, a free and open-source tool that deploys Shadowsocks servers on multiple cloud service providers. Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Outline is the best DIY approach I’ve ever seen when it comes to implementing self-managed VPN or proxy servers. Go ahead and try it.

    Technically, Outline is not a true VPN but a proxy server manager.

    Since https://cloud.digitalocean.com and https://signin.aws.amazon.com are accessible from China, it’s quite easy to spin up a VPS and connect it with the Outline manager. I think they should switch from SS-Go to SSR in the near future.


    • getoutline.org is blocked here; you should grab the manager and client apps via GitHub release page.
    • You can stream Netflix if you set up an Outline server based in the AWS west coast regions.
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