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    We shall see.

    I tend to trust experts in their respective fields over those who are not, but I will inform you guys if your prophecies come true.

    Anecdotal evidence is by definition anecdotal so i just add from my experience:

    In my old compound in Beijing rats were poisoned, so were mice in my old office in London. It got the job done without the mentioned side effects.


    Hello friends. Is there are any effective measures to control bed bugs? I have used professional pest control services but all my efforts were gone in vain. I need to control them so please help me out..


    Not sure if this is the place to add this comment, but I had a young guy wearing a suit and looking somewhat ‘official’ show up at our apartment door (Master Bldg) knocking vigorously and persistently who I thought was from the management office. I opened the door to see him holding a folder opened to a page showing dead bugs (cockroaches, I think) and a syringe kind of thing with goop in it (bug poison, I’m assuming). He didn’t speak English and my 10wd Mandarin vocab wasn’t doing much, so he finally left. I called the rental agent who eventually got back to me that the management office hadn’t sent anyone. So much for all the so-called security and a big DUH for me. The guy was a salesman. Hope he didn’t plant any future prospects for business!


    @ matusgreats.Try a vacuum cleaner and see that your visitors are bug-free.Obviously you must wash all the offending bedding.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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