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    I love listening to them and I love new suggestions.

    Here are mine:

    1. Uhh Yeah Dude

    Self described as a “A weekly roundup of America through the eyes of two american Americans”. It is as L.A. as it can get. Ive been a faithful listener for four years.

    Jonathan Larroquette is the son of actor John Larroquette. He is part of a musical duo called “Jogger” with his friend Amir Yaghmai. Seth Romatelli is an actor from Haverhill, MA. Seth was in the movie Crossroads with Britney Spears.

    2. WTF with Marc Maron

    Bi-weekly interviews with Comedians by stand up legend Marc Maron. If you like american comedy scene here you get to listen to them all.


    Great idea for a thread. Maybe with some more recommendations I can get to finally using that new Podcasts app on my phone.

    The Joe Rogan Experience


    Hosted by Joe Rogan, stand up comedian, TV host, MMA commentator. He has awesome guests – recently I heard one with Freeway Rick Ross (the drug kingpin who’s name and identity was stolen by popular rapper Rick Ross). Although Joe Rogan is an athlete, he’s a very wise meathead. He talks about philosophy, spirituality and deeper subjects in addition to telling jokes about people getting knocked out.


    Bullseye with Jesse Thorn – great weekly interviews with comedians and artists/entertainers

    Men in Blazers on Grantland – excellent soccer/football podcast done by two Englishman but kinda aimed at American soccer fans

    NPR Marketpace and Planet Money – Uh yea….

    The Champs – similar format to Bullseye, raspect to Eli for this recommendation


    I LOVE podcasts!

    For a general audience, I highly recommend:


    This American Life

    99% Invisible

    The New Yorker: Out Loud

    For the wonks, I recommend:

    The New Yorker: The Political Scene

    NPR Planet Money

    NPR Intellegence Squared

    PRI’s The World

    APM: Marketplace

    Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

    Freakonomics Radio


    For comedy fans, I recommend:

    Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

    The Champs


    How Did This Get Made

    Doug Loves Movies

    For sports fans I recommend:

    ESPN: Around the Horn

    ESPN: The BS Report

    The Grantland Network

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    Looking for a Chinese podcast to improve my general Chinese and business Chinese vocab. Any suggestions?


    Looking for a Chinese podcast to improve my general Chinese and business Chinese vocab. Any suggestions?

    Hey Chris,

    I think the best ones to check out are Popup Chinese and Chinesepod, both are free with paid upgrade options.

    Here’s a good roundup of podcasts on Chinese Hacks (great site btw): Chinese Language Podcasts

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