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    Avatar photoGuigz

    Hello guys,

    I just heard that there is some serious flooding due to the rain in Chengdu, is it that bad ?


    Avatar photoniklas

    I haven’t followed the news, but I can tell you how I experienced it.

    Here in Yulin there was quite much water. Many streets and residential areas were filled with water.

    Almost all buildings were out of power. I was lucky enough to have electricity in my building, but no water nor Internet. So I guess the landline phones were not working.

    There were lots of police on the streets. Criminals probably used this opportunity…

    I saw many malls without electricity and wide open doors. Probably they could not close them because there was no electricity.

    It was pretty bad for my building, because the entrance floor is below ground level. So water found its way into the building and now the basement is filled with water. The flood was only for one day. At least here its okay now, but people are working with pumping water out of basements, garages etc. Theres no water on the streets now as far as I know.

    I have no idea how much damage the flood caused. Probably ruined homes and cars.

    If you’re outside of China or using a VPN you can read an article about the flood here: http://6park.com/news/messages/29304.html

    Avatar photoshinichi

    I think you probably do not see any loss of coverage, you know the political tendency of China’s recent report.

    on http://www.weibo.com, have the rain flooded the situation.

    If the Government does not seriously, I think the future will be more problems.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I walked all the way across the city (from Chunxi Lu to Yulin) that day, half of which through heavy rain, and it was definitely worst in Yulin. When I got back to my street I was literally knee-deep in water. I posted some photos the same day which you can check out here: Chengdu flash flood photos.

    The only thing I really wish I had that day was a boat.

    Avatar photoGuigz

    Thanks guys for your answers !

    : Woah that’s really impressive ! Is that common at this season ?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    @Guigz no, that was very unusual weather for Chengdu. Last summer around this time there was a flash flood similar to this, but not nearly this extreme. I was talking with neighbors I hadn’t met before on Sunday as there was a huge crowd in the street and they said they hadn’t seen anything like this in decades.

    Avatar photoGuigz

    Ok that’s good news !

    Avatar photoBrendan

    This definitely looked and felt like a freak occurrence to me as I witnessed it. The city was filled with confused/amused onlookers seeking shelter from the heavy downpour. I managed to fall on my arse, and float for a few seconds in the depth of water that had accumulated in just 2 hours.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city so unprepared though. Drainage was definitely overloaded almost immediately, and many buildings downtown were taking on water, including some high end stores. A city’s development can well be judged by it’s ability to handle extreme weather conditions, and Chengdu clearly needs to focus more serious attention to this, or face some considerable financial losses in the future.

    Seriousness aside, it was good fun walking home in shorts and t-shirt in the rain though. I’ve experienced some heavy rains elsewhere, but none as heavy as this day.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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