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    Avatar photoJack66

    Moving to a new place can really throw you out of wack and the routines of your last residence may take some time to re-establish. This definitely happened to me when arriving in Chengdu on numerous levels, one of which was finding a place to exercise.

    Since living here for over a year I still haven’t seen as much new information on gym facilities or health/nutrition in Chengdu as I thought I would. In an attempt to change that, I would like to begin with increasing the amount regarding fitness facilities in Chengdu. It is my hope in doing this newcomers to Chengdu can make an easier transition and one that includes maintaining the exercise routines they enjoyed back home.

    I mentioned this idea briefly in an earlier forum and Charlie suggested putting this information Chengdu Places for easier access.

    When considering how large the city is, I came to the conclusion that this could be accumulated faster with help from those who are already members at a facility in town.

    So, if it isn’t too much trouble for those who frequent any sort of sport facility to swing by the front desk before your next session, I have provided a template of questions below you could ask or show the staff to help easily accumulate what we’d need.

    Once gathered, you could snap a photo of it with your phone (if unable to write in characters) or send it written out to me at [email protected] or through a PM. From there I will post all the info received.

    If you’re up for it, I think we could make the landing in Chengdu a lot smoother those on the way.

    Thanks for your time and help,


    Here are some things I would like to include:

    -Name of establishment
    -Type of establishment (tennis court, swimming pool, martial arts, etc)
    -Contact information (phone number and address)
    -Hours of operation
    -A little bit of information about the place
    -What kind of equipment is provided? (treadmills, free weights, etc.)
    -How much equipment is provided?
    -What is the quality of the equipment?
    -What are the membership fees for 6 months? 1 year?
    -Pictures of the facility
    -Any specific concerns regarding the place?

    Here are a few questions you could use to ask the staff. I have included the characters in case you haven’t learned enough Chinese yet to ask verbally:

    Hello, I want to consult the specific information about your order and foreign friends. Could provide company description, address, contact phone? Thank you for your cooperation!
    你好,我想咨询一下你的具体信息为了和国外朋友分享. 能提供公司描述,地址,联系电话吗?感谢你的合作!
    Nǐ hǎo, wǒ xiǎng zīxún yīxià nǐ de jùtǐ xìnxī wèile hé guówài péngyǒu fēnxiǎng. Néng tígōng gōngsī miáoshù, dìzhǐ, liánxì diànhuà ma? Gǎnxiè nǐ de hézuò!

    What is the phone number?
    Diànhuà hàomǎ shì shénme?

    What is your address?
    Nǐ dì dìzhǐ shì shénme?

    How much money for 6 months?
    Liù gè yuè duōshǎo qián

    How much money for 1 year?
    Yī Nián duōshǎo qián

    When do you open?
    Nǐ shénme shíhou kāi?

    When do you close?
    Nǐ shénme shíhou guānbì?

    Thank you

    Avatar photoBrendan

    I’ve been training at Megafit Fitness Centre, Chunxi Lu for 2 years now, and will probably remain until they possibly close the doors in April next year.

    Address: Level 5, TOP CITY, No.1 Xiao Kejia Alley, Chengdu.

    The gym is one of the best equipped in Chengdu, with numerous Cardio equipment, including a Spinning room where daily classes are held. There is a full circuit area with numerous weight machines, and a free weight area with dumbbells up to 80lbs. The area includes a Squat Rack, Smith, wide Cable Pulleys, 4 Benches (2 flat, 2 incline), a 45 degree leg press, and considerable plates (though these are hex plates). A very good heavy bag is close by.

    The gym also holds regular classes in Yoga (Indian Instructor), Dance (Various), and numerous Body Pump et al classes. The latter are very popular.

    Opening hours are 10am-10pm Mon-Fri, and 12-9 Sat-Sun.

    Anyone coming for the first time can PM me and time permitting I can get you in on a trial session, though you’d not have too much trouble arranging this yourself I imagine.

    Avatar photoJack66

    Megafit sounds awesome, wish I lived a bit closer to it.

    Thanks Brendan

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