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    Avatar photokale

    I would like to ride bike or bike travel, i got a plan for coming up National Day vacation. it`s about half travel.

    Take bus or train from chengdu to xichang(train is better) with bike.

    Begin ride from xichang.

    D1: xichang to yanyuan(a small county)

    D2: yanyuan to lugu lake

    D3-D8: enjoy the view of lugu lake

    D9: lugu lake to ninglang

    D10: ninglang to lijiang

    D11: staying in lijiang

    D12: lijiang to chengdu(fly)

    Avatar photoChristina Zhu

    ah, sounds a good plan, although i am not familiar with those county names…enjoy!

    Avatar photoBilly

    Are you searching for people to travel with you? Because I am interested. Sounds amazing!

    Avatar photokale

    yeah, if you real like it, just join me, it`s gonna be very interesting.

    Avatar photomaya ide


    I am new to the forum. I am looking for information about an ACP sanctioned 1200km brevet event scheduled for December 20th in Chengdu. If you know the organizer, please give me their contact.

    Thanks in advance,


    Avatar photokale

    hi guys, i am come back, here`s some share photo:


    Avatar photoCharlie
    hi guys, i am come back, here`s some share photo:


    Beautiful photos – that looks like an incredible trip.

    Avatar photoLucy Knowles

    This looks amazing!! Need to get some time off to do this…thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

    L x

    Avatar photoNele

    Wow, we should put together a group and do this!

    Avatar photoLino

    I would be interersted as well. Seeing the pictures makes me wanna go even more!!

    I’ll have to invest in a better bike though and some blister protection 🙂

    Avatar photokale


    maybe we should get together to ride outside someday, we are often ride outside in weekends.

    Avatar photoles

    thx for sharing the pics; absolutely cool.

    well done and good on ya!

    Avatar photoLarry

    Kale, your pictures look really spectacular and I bet the trip was a lot of fun. How many people did you end up going with? You should join us for some rides around the city and outlying areas. We’re headed to Pixian this evening for a quick loop, leaving from Natooke at 8ish. There is another ride to Longquan on Sunday morning. Anyone interested can send me a PM.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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