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    Peter M

    19 days and counting till I move to Chengdu! I had seen online that the Sichuan Aquatic School is located close to Chengdu, and that they have a man-made rowing course and boathouse. I’ve rowed for 6 years (four at university) and would very much like to keep it up. Does anyone know anything about the program they have there? I’ve tried emailing to an address that I found in a PDF, but it got bounced back as undeliverable. Does anyone know of a club crew team anywhere near the city? I know rowing hadn’t been all that popular in China, until recently when the government looked to develop the sport for the Olympics. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.



    I have never seen anyone rowing in Chengdu before, although there are rivers all over the place. It sounds like the kind of thing that you should be able to find if you look hard enough. Also, be careful not to fall into the river if you’re in the vicinity of Chengdu! If you go an hour or more outside of Chengdu the rivers are clean in a lot of places, too.


    Good time to ask questions.

    3:00 pm on July 26, “2010 China International Collegiate Rowing Challenge Xinjin press conference” in the State Sports General Administration of Press Hall, in the August 7 this year, there will be from the United Kingdom Oxford, Cambridge, United States, Harvard, Princeton and other elite of the rowing team in the world and China’s Tsinghua University, South China Normal University,the University rowing team ,will in Chengdu Xinjin for a grand occasion of Rowing Competition.

    Approval by the State Sports General Administration, by the Chinese Rowing Association, organized by Chengdu Municipal Government, Chengdu Sports Bureau, Xinjin County People’s Government hosted the 2010 China International Famous Xinjin Rowing Challenge on August 7 this year at the Chengdu Xinjin water sports school in Sichuan Province held. Then, from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, New Zealand Otago University, University of London, Italy Pavia University and Qinghua University, South China Normal University, 10 domestic and top names Men’s rowing team will compete enthusiastically school eight-oars with coxswain project site will also offer water-skiing shows, parachute performance, motorboat show, hot air balloon show. Meanwhile, the traditional Dragon Boat will debut Xinjin, add to the fun luster.

    As a non-material cultural heritage protection projects in Chengdu, Xinjin dragon boat races began in the Tang Dynasty.

    Today, dragon boat races have been deduced in Watertown Xinjin richer exciting content. “Xinjin we host international water sports competitions.” According to the State Sports General Administration of Sport Liu Gang, deputy director of sports management introduced within the water sports school in Sichuan Province is not only to provide professional technical support for water sports, the stadium has reached the big game and water contractors project level, have been held in 2009, the international elite rowing performance.

    I do not know the translation was right, accompanied by Chinese:






    International University and Rowing Team Introduction


    oh~~ not International University and Rowing Team Introduction

    its World University Rowing Championship

    Peter M

    Thanks Charlie and Shinichi. There’s a lot of good information here. I’ve found that, no matter what country you’re in, where there are rivers, there will be rowers. I’ll just have to search around until I find a club team.


    You’re welcome, Good luck


    Did you hear about this? I stumbled across it in the news today:


    Thank you Matt, glad to seen the competition News

    Peter M

    Anyone have any new info about rowing in/around Chengdu? I may have found a source to buy a rowing machine (damn expensive though). Anyone know ANY gym in CD that has a Concept2 brand indoor rower? One can hope…

    Aaron T

    Hi Peter,

    Did you have any luck tracking down a rowing club?

    I’m looking at moving to somewhere in Sichuan province to study Mandarin this coming year. Any place with a rowing club definely has an advantage.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


    Anyone know ANY gym in CD that has a Concept2 brand indoor rower? One can hope…

    My gym (MegaFit @ Top City, Chunxi Lu) has 2 (or 3, I forget) Concept 2’s, and they’re in good shape too.

    Let us know what you turn up on the rowing front.

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