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    squirrel suit

    Hey folks,

    Does anyone know of any running races in or around Chengdu coming up? Half Marathon or Marathon? I can’t find anything online for Chengdu events, and it seems like a lot of the stuff around here is word of mouth. Last year I did the Chongqing Half Marathon, but cannot join this year’s because of a conflict. Would love to find something this spring to train for.

    squirrel suit

    I’m realizing now that this is probably a long shot question, but figured I’d ask anyways, surely there’s some sort of sub-section of Chengdu society that’s interested in distance running, seems like you can find pretty much everything else here.

    Doesn’t necessarily have to be Chengdu either, I’m willing to travel for a good race. I know Yunnan has breathable air and a lot of great outdoor culture, so maybe they’re hosting some races?


    Hash Running is a nice and fun running organization, but informally, with beer drinking all the time.


    @squirrel suit, hey I’m Justin. Been here in the ‘du for 1.5 years+. I’ve an extensive history in distance running; been running competitively for 16 years and raced on 4 continents. So when I moved here I, too, was quite interested to connect with whatever running scene was going on.  I’ve had the pleasure to connect with a couple running clubs–Chengdu Paoke and Running Park (成都跑客/跑步公园). They are the two most active local clubs far as I can tell. The Hash club is probably a fine group of folks for a relaxed/social running environment, but I train 100km+/week so training with a few comparably-ambitious locals suits me better.  I’ve gotten to race or help organize several local races spread across the area from PingLe (just four days ago I volunteered in trail marking and directing runners at a 20km trail race at Golden Rooster Valley (金鸡谷,平乐旁边) to LongQuan Mtn where I ran 18km and 37km trail races my friend (The director of PaoKe) set up there.

    There are a lot of exciting races coming up this year–trail running has garnered an ambitious following. People who just started running last year are licking their chops to run 50 and 100km trail races–they know no such thing as ‘being well prepared’ but they can eat bitter, here, no?! I’ve actually done some training classes and coaching, and it’s hard to tell newbies that they should run 5 and 10k’s for a year or three before they run a marathon, but alas, there will be more and more such long-distance races from now on. December had the 2nd annual Singapore Hi-Tech Championship Cup race way down south beyond the Global Center 5-7km further south. A 5 and 10km and a half-marathon, but you’ll have to wait 10.5 months for that one to come around again. WenJiang had a 5k. QingCheng Shan had a mountain marathon.

    And here are the upcoming ones I know of this year with rough time frames:

    March 29–WenChuan area–Dragon Mtn Trail Race (龙山越野赛). 5k, 35k and 60km trail race options. 5km is 2-300RMB; 35&60km reg. fee is 800. Prize money in abundance–10,000RMB for winner of 60k, 6000RMB for 2nd place, etc.

    April 18-DuJiangYan–5k, half and full marathon. Prize money in abundance (even 100th place deep in full; 50th place deep in half). 10,000 for marathon winner, 6000 for half, etc). Hilly road course. Foreigners will get a discount, my friend said. More info TBA.

    August-GongGa Mountain Trail Race. Likely marathon-ultra marathon distance.

    October-SiGuNiang (4 Sisters) Trail Race (2nd annual). Likely 50k+ distance.

    There are even (at least) 2 building staircase race ascent races here in town with prizes.

    Chengdu Paoke and Running Park have 3-5x/week group runs from various venues. Weekly bigger activities. Lots going on here in town if you, like you said, receive info via word of mouth. I still miss some of the events and find out after the fact. But, it’s a sport that is picking up steam quickly here, despite the not-so-great air quality. I think trail running is attractive here due to the relatively close access to big mtn running, trail development potential and the clean air ‘out there!’

    You can PM me if you want to add me on WeChat and I can connect you more with the local clubs/runners here.



    And I should say that I’m open to training with anyone here who can run 10km or more at a pace under 5:00/km, preferably 4:40 or faster/km (7:00-7:30/mile). If you’re not quite at that level, but want to run with me, let me know anyway and we can talk more. I live in the Rome Plaza/1st Ring Rd by MinDa (the SW Minority Univ. west gate).

    squirrel suit

    Justin, that’s exactly the kind of stuff I’m looking for. Thanks so much for all that info. I hadn’t heard of any of those things until you just threw it up here…


    If anyone is interested in registering for March 29’s (Wenchuan area) Dragon Mountain 5km or 35km Trail race (龙山越野赛) or the ultra-marathon 60km race, registration is open now (and I can send you an Excel file in English that my local friend has made). Or if you want to register for the April 18 Dujiangyan half or full marathon (5k race seems to be nixed, but I’m waiting on official word), that reg. form is also available. Ballpark 800RMB for 35km and 60km, perhaps 2-300RMB for 5k Dragon Mtn race. DJY half and full marathons are about 100-200RMB but not exactly sure. Now is the time to register! Hope to see you there!


    JustintoChina – Great information. I am new to Chengdu and have a strong running background from mainly racing Ironman Triathlons. I will look into the information you have given above.

    So far I have found cycling buddies here in Chengdu but havent found any running groups or friends. I will get my lazy butt moving soon.

    I will be here at least most of the year and staying in raffles city. If I mapped where you are living we are about 4km apart.


    Anyone going for the Chongqing Color run and also the Great Wall Marathon on the 1st of May in Beijing?The color run is simply a fun run at 5km distance. I have registered for the BeijingGreat Wall Marathon, gonna do the 21km as a challenge.


    Hi Justin:

    Much appreciated if you would share what I need for the upcoming Du Jiang Yan Half Marathon.



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