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    Dear parents and kids,

    Here at Stellarbridge Tiny Tots Club, we are now on the lookout some for some foreign parents who have some extra free time on their hands now that summer has arrived. In exchange your child/children are welcome to take part in all/any of our centers activities. On arrival, please feel free to ask for details about our volunteer placements.

    The concept for Stellarbridge came from our collective wish that wouldn’t it be lovely to have somewhere, a place where our tiny loved ones can learn in a loving, caring, enriched environment, where you too can participate (time permitting) in the learning experiences and developmental changes of your own child. Here at Stellarbridge Tiny Tots Club, we have started such a project; several parents of the children who come to Stellarbridge actually work here as well, giving the place a more homely feel.

    To quote one of my foreign friends “…I was in a situation whereby my daughter, who is Chinese by the way, Chinese passport, HuKou, the lot (father British, mother Chinese), was not allowed to join my universities kindergarten. As a foreigner working for a university, I was disgusted that they would welcome my Chinese colleagues’ children, but not mine. When I found out about this tiny tots club, I thought it was not only a great way for me to spend some quality time with my child, but also by taking part as a volunteer I knew the ins and outs of the place, and had real peace of mind for when I am not there, that my child is within a caring, loving environment, and need I say it…as I volunteer, it’s a lot easier on the pocket”.

    Within our curriculum we have amongst others: art classes, craft making classes,
    Little kitchen, gardening, story telling, music, dance, Montessori, tiny tots science workshops, outdoor activities, English, Chinese. wherein you are invited to participate in any of these activities with your loved on in your spare time. With the optional extra of music, dance, and kids martial arts classes as well.

    Bring your own meals are also a welcome respite for those of you who are vegetarian, vegan or who have some other dietary concern.

    As a bilingual tiny tots club we have of course loads of English and Chinese story books, there is an in-house artist, who needless to say does the art classes. We also have a certified Montessori teacher/practitioner.

    There is an open kitchen – with oven; allowing us to cater for different tastes. We like to have a mixture of food styles here at Stellerbridge – not only Chinese.
    We have two outdoor garden areas where the kids can plant their own seeds, and see mother nature taking shape with their own eyes.

    With that being said what we are seeking at the moment are some foreign nationals whose mother tongue is English, regardless of skin color, to be able to drop their child off at the Stellarbridge Tiny Tots Club, and to provide some volunteer time in return for their children learning at our Tiny Tots Club.

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    Suggest to put an age range appropriate for the club in the mix somewhere:D Sounds like a pretty good organisation.

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    age range 2.5-6 years old

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    i foget about my phone number 139-820-90637

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