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    Hi everyone. I want to ask you how i can send devices with battery via post service? For example, I need to send one smartphone to my country, but China Post doesn’t accept my package, cuz its with battery. So I need another post service, most cheap (not DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.) When i was outside of China and order something at aliexpress or ebay, seller (in Guangzhou or Shenzhen) always send it via Singapore Post. How he did it? Can i find Singapore Post dealers in Chengdu?

    It’s really important for me and i hope you will give me some information. Thanks in advance.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    If you have a smartphone with a removable battery (most Android phones) just take the battery out and use China Post. Otherwise you will have to use something like DHL or Fed Ex, I think. They might also give you a problem with the battery, though. I had this problem a year or two ago and I negotiated for a long time with China Post about it but they would absolutely not budge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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