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    Hi Chengdu residents,

    I’ll be headed to Chengdu for the first time in a few weeks on a Ph.D. research grant (stoked!) and will be around for five months. This is a complete non-emergency question, but being that I haven’t been to China before, I’m curious: what is a coffee addict to do? Of course it is predominately a tea culture, and I can get jazzed about tea as well, but I am pretty dysfunctional without a cup of coffee at home in the morning. Is there any hope of finding half-decent coffee beans in Chengdu? If so, should I bring a coffee-making device with me (say, a French press)? I do know more and more people are drinking coffee in China now, so perhaps there is hope for me yet. I suspect only fellow coffee addicts will find this a completely reasonable dilemma!

    And while I have you, Chengdu coffee-drinkers, any cafés you might recommend? Surely there must be a handful of good ones. (I’ll be near Sichuan University, but I travel gladly for coffee.)

    Would love your input. Thanks!


    Avatar photoVincent

    Hi Justin,

    this old thread will float your boat:

    The Best Coffee in Chengdu

    Avatar photoj_hoke

    Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for sending that along! I’m new to this forum and haven’t dug through old threads yet.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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