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    Avatar photoBrian #10

    So as an individual, I’d like to participate in any level of soccer. I have contacted the “league” email at least 3 times with no response, and simply want to get on a team. i am a former professional player, but have tried to get on a soccer team for two”semesters(half year)” until now. i have exchanged initial emails, but have not been contacted with the captain of the team  I was promised. I simply want to play football (soccer), is there some way I can pay? I’ve been tryuing to play, as I’ve been here a year, but for whatever reason, ity seems I am not welcome. Why?


    Avatar photoBrian #10

    I have emailed the website several times and no response. are the people responsible leaving chengdu? understandable, but some continuity —would be great, but seroiusly, what the hell?

    Avatar photoDave

    Hey Brian, I sent you a PM with the details.

    Avatar photoAM

    I have contacted the “league” email at least 3 times with no response

    i have exchanged initial emails

    aye, right…

    I’m the organizer of the league and I reply to all emails. There is no way you contacted me 3 times without any response. The league don’t organize individual squads, we leave that up to the team captain. If they don’t contact you let us know, we’ll try to find you a team. Come down today, you’ll get a game.

    If you have any problems call me, my number is 155 2803 2257.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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