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    Hi all,

    Just fresh off the boat this week, and we’ve been greeted by the wonderful Chengdu weather (rain, rain, and more rain)

    Plenty places to go when the weather’s ok, but on days like this it seems we’re destined for some run of them mill shopping centre (if we can even manage to hail a cab to get there).

    Any suggestions for a newbie on what to do on a day like this besides staying home and watching DVD’s?

    Avatar photoJerryS

    Download Funshion (from baidu) and you should be good on days like these.

    Avatar photoCharlie
    Avatar photoSascha

    grab a gong fu tea set from either the north side tea market, or any tea shop, look up some stuff on tea (Here are some links for you to peep: tea, tea and more tea) and learn to drink the good goodness. read books and think deep while sipping.

    get naked.

    Avatar photolinka999

    make some cupcakes, make few new bracelet, sleep, watch movie, check your plants on the balcony.

    Avatar photoBrave Chengdu

    Sichuan Museum.

    I don’t believe clothing is optional, maybe try.

    Avatar photokeso


    Thanks for the tips guys… it seems the best thing to do on a rainy day is to get naked, drink tea and watch movies.

    No balcony though 🙁

    and I think it would be best for me and the missus to keep clothes on in the museum (don’t want to freak out the locals)

    Avatar photoGAVVIE

    Study for a new qualification.

    Avatar photorsheffer

    So what did you do Keso? go naked to the museum?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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