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    Avatar photoKim Duistermaat

    Hello! What is your favourite swimming pool to take small kids to? The one at our housing community is not being maintained and has not seen water for a long time. Preferably in the area around Shangrila/center/east. I’d love to hear your


    Has anybody been at the Meng Zhui Wan Natatorium 猛追湾游泳场 at No.1, Hua Xing Road, Jinjiang District? I think I saw some pictures online of a nice

    toddler area there.


    Avatar photoCharlie

    I would check out the pool at Orchard Villas in Tongzilin. The name in Chinese is 锦绣花园. They have a kids pool in addition to the normal pool and there are always kids there. The entrance fee is 20 yuan I think but it’s one of the best pools in Chengdu, you always see a lot of expats there.

    Avatar photoLouise Beynon

    I agree, the outdoor pool at Orchard villas is the nicest pool I have been to, and opens the earliest and closes the latest in the season. The outdoor pool at Jinguan Xincheng is also good but it only seems to open for two months at most.

    The problem with most housing complex swimming pools is that they are not maintained and quickly deteriorate so much they end up closed all the time.

    So it would be great to create a list of good pools to hang out in with the children now its getting hot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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