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    As far as I can see I have no tax liability with China since my overseas income is not liable for tax in China and I have no sources of income within China. However, my bank in the UK is insisting that China is my tax domain rather than the UK simply because I am a resident here on a family visitor residence permit. If I was to submit annual tax returns in China then it wouldn’t yield any tax revenue for China.

    However, I feel I need to check with the tax authorities here as to whether I should be registered, obtain a tax id number, and waste my time and China’s time in submitting pointless tax returns every year if only to stop the UK bank from harassing me.

    So where in Chengdu can I find them?


    I don’t have the address but I visited the Chengdu tax office a few years ago when making a bank transfer to repatriate funds. It was in the South, around the high tech zone. Hopefully this is of some help to you, good luck.


    Thanks for that Charlie. After an hour on a search engine I finally found a list of branches and phone numbers:

    Still no address but at least there is a local branch.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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