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    Hey everyone

    I was wondering if there are any groups which meet for pick up basketball games. Ill be leaving london this saturday and I`ll be visiting chengdu for a couple of months.

    Just looking for a few laid back dudes to have a shoot around with and maybe get a beer afterwards.

    nothing too serious

    as a BBC with limited skills in mandarin, I find it sometimes awkward and a little difficult to communicate with non english speaking Chinese. I figured it would be much easier to trash talk in my native language

    who`s up for hoopin?


    There are a bunch of places to play pick-up basketball in Chengdu, though foreigners might be limited and nearly all are outdoor:

    1. Sichuan University Wangjiang Campus (east, right off of 1st Ring Road) – go to the courts in the middle of campus near the stadium, recently reconstructed, usually packed with people after 4-5 PM, open until 10 PM or so with lighting when it gets dark, free entrance

    2. Decathlon (south – next to IKEA) – new courts, haven’t been yet but I hear good things, I think 5-10 RMB entrance fee

    3. Sichuan Gymnasium (central) – semi-indoor courts, 10-15 RMB entrance fee, floor is slick and a little worn, they usually have leagues and camps so it can be hit or miss in terms of whether you can play

    4. Shen Xian Shu (神仙树 – southwest near Tongzilin) – also have never been, but I’ve heard they’re nice courts and foreigners play there

    I would suggest joining the WeChat group “外国 Basketball”.  Ton of foreigners in there and they often set up pick-up games.

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    Here’s a QR

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    Thanks for the reply guys, I’ll make sure to get on that tonight


    Hi! My name is Anze Kos. I’m a youth basketball coach and a professional basketball player from Slovenia, looking to continue my playing career in Chengdu. I’m essentially looking to play for a good local basketball team, that plays in a good level league and is serious about basketball. I have professional experience from Europe and I’ve also played in the USA. Was wondering if any of you can point me in the right direction or connect me with the right people, teams or coaches that could help me with my basketball career? Any help from anyone is very appreciated. Please leave your comments below or direct message me for anything you need or anything you want to ask. Thank you. Anze

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