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    Avatar photosamee85

    HI all,

    I am visiting Chengdu for business in December and January, but I want to get Table tennis  coaching from a good coach. I don’t know where i can find a good place to play. Can you suggest me?

    Futhermore, I would like to visit nice places in chengdu, Can someone suggest me to visit?

    Avatar photoJessy

    Hello,@samee85, if you wanna get table tennis coaching from a good coach,i know someone,they are good at it and also teach students. And the other one if you are interested to have a look of the local culture,you may go to Wuhou Shrine(it’s about three kingdoms culture),Wenshu Monastery,Jinli(here are a lot local snacks,but it is spicy),Chunxi Road,Jiuyan Bridge(a street full of bars),Du Fu Thatched Cottage. if you are interested the natural view,you may go Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,Jiuzhai Valley,Mount Qingcheng/Emei,Dujiangyan irrigation project,etc. In a word,there are lots of places for you to go. If you need more information about the coach, feel free to contact me,my wechat: bunny685886, gmail: [email protected]

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Also check out the Sichuan University ping pong area. There are a lot of skilled, competitive players there. That would be where I would look.

    Avatar photodave22

    @samee85 did you find one?

    Avatar photosamee85

    Hi Guys,

    Actually I am in Chengdu now and I played in AUX plaza -1 floor yesterday . There are many good players playing there regularly. But non of them can speak English. So if you are going there better with your Chinese friend who can speak English.  if you are little bit advance player it will be easy to find a player to play. Even if you are just a beginner there are lot of players coming to play just for fun. Cost is 30 CNY per hour to book a table. If you are not carrying a paddle you can rent it there. (but paddle quality is bad) and play for fun. I still couldn’t  find a good coach for reasonable price (Maybe I am a foreigner 🙁 ) but still searching .

    BTW, Thanks to Jessy I found this place. 🙂




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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