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    Looking for a website builder and all the info that goes along with that for running a site here in China.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    There tends to be a partition between China and the rest of the world, so you will have to choose one of the site builders on the internet (, Wix, Squarespace, etc) or something on the Chinese internet (no clue what to suggest there). If you select from the former list the site may have trouble loading in China, but that is basically the issue: the Chinternet does not play nice with the internet.

    For me, I choose tools that work on the internet, so you are best off using a VPN when you access Chengdu Living or any of the sites which I develop. I used to be conflicted about this but a few years ago it became clear that the wall between China and the rest of the world on the internet is getting larger, not smaller. Having a VPN is essential.

    Avatar photogojira

    Hi there, I’d be happy to help you build a (self-hosted) website for China. If you can provide me the content and other requirements, I’ll do the design, dev. ,hosting and optimization.

    If it’s a small website, I’d suggest to DIY. You might wanna check out the articles I wrote about web design/dev best practices for China and tips on how to set up a self-hosted website:



    My contact:

    Wechat: xonikk

    Email: deadauthor[at]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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