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    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    Has anyone figured out why they have “hair washing” services? Why can’t they wash their own hair while taking a bath?

    I imagine it’s because if you have long hair (as most women do), it’s a slight hassle to wash your own hair.

    I appreciate a good hair wash. It’s nice to lay back and relax while getting a head massage and and blowdry. I only get one with a haircut, but it’s nice.

    Avatar photoaaron35

    There were two flights to Chengdu one with significant delay which I was booked on and one which was cancelled. It was all due to bad weather conditions in Hong Kong.

    Avatar photoJasonwithabs

    I am a Chinese here and I don’t understand many stuff in China neither.

    Avatar photootchengdu

    Toddlers walking around with slits in the rear-end for quick application in order to urinate and/or deficate onto sidewalks, streets, and/or near by trash recepticles.

    Pedesterian crossing–it’s always a challenge to cross the street and never safe even though you have a green light. Auto drivers are reluctant to apply the brake pedal. Even though it seems like the flow of traffic actually works in the end, at the same time all the craziness on the streets are actually illegal/unauthorized per China’s drivers handbook/exams.

    Spitting-it’s everywhere

    Starring–not just at me but primarily at what i’m carrying in my plastic bags (i.e. grocery store bags, outlet mall/mall shopping bags)

    Adults with children will most of the time try to have their child say hello to me even though they have never seen a foreigner before.

    Street vendor patrol–this one is a joke, paid civil servants will patrol the streets chasing off fruit & veggie vendors. This becomes a cat & mouse game everyday as when the vendors are chased off they just cruise around the block returning back to their previous concession spot. For all of those who are unaware of this practice, this is for all those street vendors who are selling items without a permit.

    Automobiles parked ontp sidewalks and lawns.

    China driver’s exam–for those of you who dont know passing the road test is a real bear for the local. They have have to pass the road test in a vehcile equiped with a standard transmission (not automatic transmission), cameras are placed near your feet to evaluate your feet operating on the pedals, hand position, speed/RPM’s & etc). During the road test you have to shift gears smoothely and shift gears within designated distances and at such & such RPM.

    Refreshments stored in a warm cooler.


    Hot water served with meal.

    Fine bones getting caught between my teethe during specific meals.

    Cigarettes lit up in elevators, at restaurants, in hotels (almost everywhere) even though a smoking sign is starring the culprit right in the eyes.

    Talking on the cell phone. You can hear others conversations from the back to the front of the bus, train, subway.

    Sleeper Train–you can have a reserved lower bunk on the train and lord behold others will be sitting on that bad boy when you ariive (recently i had to have people removed).

    Express train–always someone sitting in my desginated seat. People will purchase a cheaper ticket (stand-up ticket) and sit in the unaccupied seats.

    Sales people at shops/malls–these are normaly youn unexperienced peoole who will sell you just about anything just to make sale/commission.

    Traffic police–occassionaly will be directing traffic from the side of the street versus being in charge and controlling from the center.

    Work projects–occassionally i will have vendors arrive to perform projects are the house, you have to watch the workiers as they will quickly jerry-rig the door frames, windows being hung and etc. One dude installed the bathroom exhause fan upside down.


Viewing 4 posts - 261 through 264 (of 264 total)
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