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    Avatar photoAndre

    I’m planning a visit in August and would like to know where would be the best area of the city to stay for my first visit to Chengdu. I enjoy the cultures of a new city and don’t necessarily need to be around a lot of foreigners. I prefer being close to University’s or large colleges to experience and enjoy the young local energy of a new city, but also I enjoy being close to main shopping and local restaurant areas.

    Any suggestions, cross streets, apartments or hotels would be greatly appreciated!

    Avatar photoMatt

    Hakka Homes (www.hakkahomes.com) would be a great place to stay for a month. Check them out, they have multiple locations.

    Avatar photoElias

    The southern part of Chengdu is closest to the Universities which also coincides with the highest concentration of foreginers. For a relaxed and convenient place to live try to find an apartment/hotel in the Yulin area. There are quiet shaded (yes real live trees) good restaurants, tea houses etc. and it is still close to shopping centers. Avoid living in central or Northern Chengdu as it is far too busy. However the neighborhood near the Mix hostel isn’t bad. I used to be a volunteer bike courier so I know the city pretty well.

    Avatar photoAndre

    Thank you Matt and 3li4s,

    I am aware of Hakka Homes after reading through the forum and thought to ask if there are any other recommendations.

    I don’t see the Yulin area on google map? – is their another landmark that will help me find the Yulin area? or any cross-streets would be helpful too. A fairly new extended stay hotel or short term apartment (1 month) with fast internet speed close to a large University and great restaurants, neighborhood recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Yulin is the neighborhood in the Southwest of Chengdu, West of Renmin Nanlu. If you get off at the Nijia Qiao subway station and walk westwards, you’ll be walking through Yulin for about 15 minutes. That’s the area. If you want to go there directly, there’s Yulin Zhonglu, Beilu, Nanlu, and Xilu which are more or less at the center of Yulin.

    Avatar photoshinichi

    Hakka Homes is great, but if you want live in Yulin you can go to find an agent in Yulin,They will want you to stay for 3 months and 1 month will be expensive though.

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