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    We have a little series brewing here called Underground Gourmet and I am interested in hearing about new and delicious spots that you all know about. Holla at me!


    One spot that I’ve been visiting for years is right next to Yulin Middle school on Fang Cao Jie (I think?). It’s a small noodle / dumpling place, but they have the best 红油饺子 I’ve had. I’ve heard from a few Chinese people that the best snack spots are near schools, because the children are conditioned to only eat good food and that’s all that can manage to stay in business near schools. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but that restaurant is great.


    My fave is the Yulin fresh market just down the alleys off of Nijiaqiao Lu and Yulin Zhonglu. I used to live about 3 minutes walk from there and those were happy days. I could easily spend 45 minutes wandering about slowly eating snacks and chatting with my regular snack vendors. Guo Kui 锅魁,potato spring rolls 土豆卷, honey date cake 蜂蜜枣子糕, sweet duck 甜皮鸭, cured beef 腊肉 – one stall in particular, and then just the regular varieties of zongzi 粽子,包子,and a bunch of other things I’m not sure the name of…. yum…


    If you like potatoes and chicken, in Yulin district, “新疆大盘鸡Xinjiang Taipan Ji” is pretty good.

    If you are often late night, “华兴煎蛋面”the night a lot of people go there.

    If you like vegetarian, I would recommend “维根素食Wigan vegetarian”, in Hong Pailou 红星美凯龙 .

    Noodles, “张飞牛肉” taste good, in Chunxi Road.

    “何师烧烤”, in Wuhou soaring bridge 10 (filling station), grilled eggplant baked big carp, bamboo Egg…

    There were a lot of girls favorite “钵钵鸡”, in 兴中兴 are popularity.


    “红星兔头,” “双流老妈兔头,” many people’s favorite in Chengdu. 我很好奇是谁想出这道美食。

    Chinese-style cakes, “闻酥园,” Daci Temple beside Wen Shuyuan near a shop.

    If you want to eat the delicious dumplings, glutinous rice balls, there are many restaurants taste than the “龙抄手”、“钟水饺”、“赖汤圆”Fortunately, dining time, 12:00, 18:00 for half an hour before and after seeing people Most of the restaurant must be very good taste.

    To eat hot pot in the 19 points long lines, and taste good. “三只耳,” 重庆两路口, “重庆老码头”蜀九香” … smell good

    玉林串串总店, tasty, full weight.

    后子门喜来登旁of the water was sweet and open roads closed do not know whether the re-opened, “张凉粉,” Wen Shuyuan beside the sweet surface of the water, white bean jelly, yellow grass jelly, boiled grass jelly.

    “重庆盆盆虾” flavor is not bad.


    OH ~ I hungry


    Excellent. I know (and love) the Yulin market and the Xinjiang Spot Shinichi mentioned is on Fang Hua Jie down the street from Machu Pichu Coffee house.

    There is a spot down the street from the market, on the north side of Ni Jia Qiao Road. You guys might know it, its a brick wall with most of the buildings torn down behind it, but if you walk through the little hole in the wall and head north you will find a bunch of little restaurants there. My favorite is 天天饭店. Ask for it. The hole in the brick wall is halfway between the market and ren min nan lu on the left hand (north) side.

    drool drool


    I noticed that recently, that brick-laden alleyway on Ni Jia Qiao Road has changed a lot. I think the buildings to the left have finally been torn down (after having 拆 written on them for years!), bathing that alley in sunlight. It looks much less seedy now that it isn’t all dark down there. I used to remember that alley being like a holdout of old Chengdu in a district that has seen a whirlwind of development over the last ten years. Just down the block is the new subway station and Western Tower. I wonder how much longer that spot can last.


    All of you are making me extremely hungry, I’ve been reading a lot about Sichuan food and I just cant wait to get there! I’m writing some of these place names down so I can check them out when I arrive.


    woow, Shinichi is quite professional! Add sth,

    bespread noodle 铺盖面, in a small alley near the xin zhong xin 新中心

    hotpot: 川江号子in Yulin district. 重庆老码头is quite spicy!!

    and highly recommended: 朋辈餐 peng bei can, in hong pai lu bei jie 30 hao (红牌楼北街30号). It is a tradditional restaurant of chengdu, and the most popular dishes is 圆子汤(dumpling soup),鸡米芽菜.

    It’s cheap and local, very crowded at noon.


    ~May be within five years will be re –

    Carl ,welcome you to Chengdu

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