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    Avatar photoCharlie

    Anyone know of a decent place to buy avocados in Chengdu? I got back from Yunnan yesterday and found them to be all over the place there. And delicious.

    I was in Salvatore’s the other day and noticed that they’re for sell there for around 10 rmb a piece. I’m not sure how that compares to prices in Chengdu, but I noticed that they’re all imported from Mexico.

    I’ve gotten avocados at a supermarket in Chunxi Lu before but I remember the price being astronomical.

    Anyone know of the best place to get these?

    Avatar photoniklas

    I’ve seen avocados in Raffles City’s supermarket, but as I remember it they were quite small and rather pricy. Something like around 10 per avocado. Was long ago, and don’t really remember.. Might be worth checking out.

    Perhaps the nice fruit shop/supermarket east of 东湖公园 in an intersection have avocados. I think it’s a chain store. Or nice fruit shops such as the chain store 新鲜果子. There’s one in Tongzilin for example. But I’m just guessing about them having avocados really. Might swing by to check later today or tomorrow as I’ll be passing by that neighbourhood.

    Searched a bit and found that some people recommended buying avocados online. The price seem reasonable. Varies quite much, but there’s for example 6 for 59 including shipping at http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.4.cyGDt2&id=17311160309
    Good rating but comments vary. But perhaps Chinese aren’t very used to eating avocados so they eat them before they’re ripe. Still it would be nice if one could spontaneously go and buy them locally…

    Avatar photoVincent NL

    I bought some avocados in Haoyouduo once. One was really good, but the second one was bad inside so had to throw it away. As Chinese hardly eat these I guess they could go bad in the shop.

    I also saw them in the new korean supermarket at the Global Center. Seems like a good supermarket.

    I forgot the price of the time I bought it though and didn’t check the other one.

    Avatar photobelle

    i bought one in carrefore in tongzilin area,and it cost me 30rmb something which is crazy, it was good , also u need to know how to choose it

    Avatar photoDeToxxx

    I want that 10 RMB ea. stuff !! Never see it’s been this low…

    Basically you can find avocado in any Carefour or Walmart with a price between 15~28 RMB per each, and yes it’s sold based on the number .

    Secondly, it’s correct that all are from Mexico and hard to tell the age of them!!

    I got four once costing me 49 RMB and two has the core rotten/black.

    It’s no like the south east Asia ones, not creamy and smooth for me, hard to chew with toasts.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    I saw them in Auchan near Ikea the other day – they often have imported fruits at imported fruit prices, I think the avacados were around 14 or 16rmb/ea, they looked pretty good tho.

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