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    Avatar photoBrave Chengdu

    @Valerie a good place for you to get a travel card might be hongqi micro mart just off the metro in Tongzilin. Maybe you can get them in the metro, that would make sense I guess.

    here: http://j.map.baidu.com/hI6mu

    I don’t know the Chinese name for them, but you’ll see people topping up in there. I’m sure you can make them understand you want one.

    You can add cash (in English) on the machines in the metro.

    Once you’ve mastered that, come back and ask about adding ‘trips’ if you find you take allot of buses too, ‘trips’ are buses only but much better value. The cash you add is good for metro and buses.

    there’s yoga classes at or near Carrefour building also Tongzilin, I know some foreigners go so I guess its in english.

    here: http://j.map.baidu.com/6gpmu

    I’ll ask them to give you some details.

    Avatar photoValerie

    I currently work in the Le Parc area, and we are starting our school inside the clubhouse nearby since our school is not done with construction yet. In the clubhouse, there is a very nice pool and gym- like activitites, but no yoga. If you are looking for a swimming pool, this is the only one I know of in this area right now.

    Thanks Brave- good information. I have figured out the metro thing, now just to get a bus card. Thanks for the ypga info!! I’m super stoked to hear that!

    Avatar photoShiya Lou

    @ Valerie @ Brave

    Hey guys, I have an apartment in High-Tech zone but spend most of my weekdays working in Meishan, which is an hour away from Chengdu. Drinking can get boring so why not combine it with hiking. There are plenty of pretty mountains and tracks around the city.

    I am really into trekking and have a mate who runs an outdoor club so if you guys want to arrange some events, don’t hesitate to PM me and we can definitely gather a few enthusiastic hikers.

    Avatar photoValerie

    Sweetness. Sounds good!

    Avatar photoZharahk


    It sounds like you might like the Hash Harriers. They are a nice bunch of drunk people. You can find info about them at http://www.pandahash.com/home_web.html.

    I also live near the Hi-Tech Metro. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the area.


    Avatar photoBilly

    Hey, I’m Billy.. if you wanna meet someone young and fun, PM me.

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