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    Hey everyone, we are three french students who just arrived in Chengdu and we just moved in a flat. We installed wifi with China Telecom and we asked for the highest speed but we are pretty surprised to see that the wifi is absolutely shit ! It is way too slow and we’re wondering if it is normal in China to cannot watch series in streaming for example or if you have tips/advice for us ..?

    Thank you in advance !!


    The speed to Chinese sites should be super fast. The connection to everything outside of China will likely be slow. If you haven’t already, get a VPN. That will help but it will still not compare to the speed of being on the actual internet (out of China).


    Streaming within China from Chinese sites and even streamed film channels on the TV can have issues. It might be worth linking via cable and bypassing the wifi since your wifi is predictably going to throttle back your transmission speeds. You also need to be aware of the effect of evenings, weekends and holidays when you have to compete with a few hundred million extra computers on line. Some vpn connections might make a small difference but the more popular ones will predictably have issues next month during conference season.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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