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    Foreign Friends In Chengdu:

    Class Type:Interest Classes on weekends

    Learning time:Every Saturday all-day classes

    (A total of 12 times)

    Tuition (RMB): 5,200

    Curriculum:回锅肉、宫保鸡丁, 鱼香茄子, 水煮牛肉, 钟水饺等. 共计32道川菜

    Twice-cooked pork、Gongbo chicken、fish-flavour aubergine、boiled beef in hot sauce、Jiaozi, Sichuan Zhong Style etc, A Total of 32 Sichuan recipes.

    Class Type:Interest Classes at night

    Learning time:Every Monday, Wednesday night 18:00-21:00

    (A total of 10 times)

    Tuition (RMB): 4,080

    Curriculum:辣子鸡、鱼香茄子, 锅贴饺子, 回锅肉, 刀工练习等. 共计20道川菜

    Spicy Chicken, Fish-flavour aubergine, Saute jiaozi, Twice-cooked pork, Practice technique of cutting etc, a Total of 20 Sichuan recipes.

    If you want to learn, you can e-mail me:

    My E-mail address: [email protected]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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