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    The procedure is as follows.

    If you use a leasing and renting company they will act as the middle man between you and the landlord the advantage of this you can find a person that can speak a little English but the disadvantage is it will cost you more.

    If you have a friend that can speak Chinese then you can get a much better deal from the landlord.

    You book a appointment to go see the apartment that you want to rent and inspect it.

    If you and the landlord agree on a price he will prepare a rental contract.

    The contracts duration usually start off minimum 6 months ,more commonly 1 or 2 years. Most landlords require you to pay 6 months up front and 1 month rent as deposit so if your monthly rent is 2000 Rmb per month then you pay 12 000 Rmb + 2000 Rmb Then in 6 months time you pay another 12 000 Rmb if you rent for another 6 months.

    The documents you need from them and need to check:

    Their ID card and request a copy of it.

    Their Registration booklet (a red a5 book that says they own the house) and a copy of it.(Check the name and ID number match , also check the address matches with the physical address you renting and the address on the lease.

    The documents the landlord can ask for :

    Your passport copy and a copy of your visa(I have only been asked once for copy of visa mostly just copy of passport).

    Best get your employer to help you  to rent a place for the first time, some places are cheap but a logistical nightmare ,because it might be far from work or always have traffic jams and no nearby subways.


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    Hi Chengdu-ers, I’m planning a 4 week visit to Chengdu in a couple of months. While in Chengdu, I’d like to take daily Chinese lessons. I’m currently in contact with someone at Chinese Corner ( to arrange this. Chinese Corner requires a deposit of 20% for the total price of the course+accommodation package. In order to apply for a Tourist Visa, I need to supply proof of accommodation for the duration of my stay. So I’ll need to pay a decent amount of money before even being sure my Visa will be approved. Is there anyone who has any experience with Chinese Corner in Chengdu to ease my mind? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    You don’t need anything from them to apply for a tourist visa, you just need a return way ticket , proof that you have enough money for your stay (i think it is 1000 rmb per day you can check on your Chinese embassy website) , a scanned letter from a hotel in china to show you have at least book your first 3 days. a Itinerary showing where you will go while in China. I agree with Charlie better get your own tourist visa and check it out before spending money.

    Also someone can correct me if i am wrong but across the  road from the Peters Tex Mex restaurant is only residential buildings or is there another one in Tongzilin?


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    Check out Homeland Hotel. Not deep but cool, refreshing, and not a bad view. Can obtain for free with a gym membership there as well.

    Thanks i will go check it out , that hotel is just 1 Km from where i live . I always pass there when driving to downtown , they are building a subway station across the road from it.

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    Why not just use a translation app? , most hospitals have English boards on the counters . First go the card registration counter 1 to 5 yuan , then go to the service counter 1 to 10 Rmb to book a doctor , some hospitals you can book the card and book the doctor at the same counter. Then use a translation app to tell the doctor what you want checked .( i usually check my cholesterol and vitamins and metals, cost about 40 Rmb)  The doctor will give you a blood test page and you go pay. Then you go to the blood testing place and they take your blood samples. Later you have to go fetch your blood tests results from the outside the blood test area. Also most of the younger doctors can speak some broken English combined with our broken Chinese than  it is enough to communicate .(broken = low proficiency the way the Chinese use to describe their low proficiency in English)


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    I  did mine for my company , i dont know if the procedure is the same for a Chinese owned company but this is how it goes for WFOE ( wholly foreign owned enterprise ) .

    Step 1 (register and apply at

    The company needs  to upload some documents:

    Application form including how many foreigners it will hire.

    Business license.

    a Template signed with company stamp to say the company wants to hire foreigners.

    The passport of the owner of the company.

    Proof of attorney (Paper with passport copy of legal Representative) the template is downloadable from their website or you can you the template that company uses at local government for registration of company.

    Copy of passport / ID card of legal representative of company.

    If the company is approved

    Step 2(company applies for Foreign work permit online)

    This mostly difficult documents to obtain if applying in china is:

    1. No criminal record

    2. Educational qualifications

    These have to authenticated in your home country and then be notarized by the Chinese embassy in your home country. Also you will need a original letter from your previous employer to proof you have had work experience. When you get these documents you have to translate them in to Chinese , this has to be done by a registered translate company with their company seal and have to give you their  company paper copy.

    You will need to go to Tonziling and get a health check at the travel hospital ( around 500 rmb and takes 3 days to get your results , used to be go in the morning and get it in the afternoon)

    Next they will need to upload the contract they signed with you and your passport copy and the current visa your holding if already in China and all the other documents including the translation and your health report.

    Note that personal companies cant hire foreigners only enterprise companies can.

    Step 3

    All documents in step 2 needs to be taken to the PSB (exit and entry department) in downtown to be checked this step take close to 10 days

    Step 4

    Apply for license to employ foreigners at counter 8 at PSB in downtown, the company will need to write another article to say it apply for this service they have a template up at the counter. They also request your yearly inspection registration ,for foreign companies this is done at mofcom.

    If everything is successful Step 2$3 will issue you a work permit card and Step 4 will issue the company with a yellow certificate to employ foreigners. Which you need to copy and apply for working resident permit , you might need some other documents also like your health certificate and house registration at your local police station. The company also needs to prove and have a valid reason for employing a foreigner.

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    Avatar photogertshaiya

    You can rent a house or business premises for storage, most university’s have holidays now for a month so you can find premises around there for a good price, as nobody will rent now until after the holidays. Another option is to look for a place where they doing construction and the shop cant be seen from the road. Normally to rent a place you sign a 1 to 5 year rental contract but in the places mentioned they can sign for short term. Let a Chinese person negotiate the rent price. If they want to get 20 000 rmb per year they will start the price at 25 000 rmb per year and it is negotiated down. They think all foreigners are rich so if they know you will rent the place you wont get the discount.

    Download google translate that can use your phone’s camera to scan the rent contract and translate it so you know what you singing.

    Request a copy of the landlord’s ID card and red A5 book of proof of ownership of the property. Give the landlord a copy of your visa and passport front page.

    Never used a engineering firm here and don’t know of any , I always just use the handy man from the hardware shops if i don’t have the tools to do it myself.

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    Avatar photogertshaiya

    You need to get your drivers license translated into Chinese , then give yourself a Chinese name as no English names appear on Chinese drivers licenses. If your using a iphone buy the app called “drive in china” it has all the questions and answers and you can practice on it. I think it was 2$ when i bought it 2 years ago. Then go to write a written exam for the license .I hold a C1 (car license) and D (any motorbike including 3 wheeler s license).  You have to go to hospital and check your eyes and they also check if you have 10 fingers and take a picture of your hands. Also more than a half a small beer can land you in jail for 15 days. Dont run a red light that can make you loose your license. Also dont go over 50% the speed limit that can also land you jail time. The people here have different driving habits so be careful. My Chinese drivers license is valid for 6 years, i think everyone else’s ones must be the same.


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    If the company is a WFOE in China then they don’t have as much requirements as a local company to employ foreigners.

    You will still need the basics :

    Highest education paper

    No criminal Record paper

    Health certificate.

    Proof of 2 years work experience

    Take note they might be asked for a valid reason to employ you over a Chinese national and this is a gamble it is not a guarantee.


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    It will be easier to look for teaching work outside of Chengdu in the rural areas i think.

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    I think it would be better to look for work in a firm here from Indonesia in a different line of work , they will be more likely to obtain a valid work permit for you. You can only legally earn money with a work permit and work residence permit. So don’t sign contracts with schools or English centers that say you can earn money while doing an internship on a student visa and get paid.

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    You dont have to worry too much about that, most apartments have a play area for children where they meet friends and hang out with friends. Dont be surprised  if everyone pushes their child to make friends with the loawai / waiguo ren (meaning a foreigner) ,being a boy you will hear the words didi (small brother) and gege (brother) alot, they replace the word boy with brother here for children. Most of the grandparents look after the children here. Some schools and Kindergartens have a over a 2 year waiting list , so if you planning to in role him into a kindergarten and school it is best start the process ASAP. If you want him to play with other foreigners ,maybe some else know about play groups but i have never bothered to find any.

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    Thanks for the reply Charlie, the steps are slightly different for me because it is not a new company registration, i Had some luck today and found the place where t0 start the process , i will post my progress here maybe it can help someone in the future as there is very little documentation about this online.

    If you are the WFOE Company legal representative then you first have to go and get a “health card” this can be done at Fangocao community health service center, New district(no. 20 Zirui North street , High-tech zone)

    Their Tel is 8513698 , they first said i had to make an appointment , but let me do the test after realizing it was just for 1 person.

    It is very close to place in tonzilin where we normally go for health examinations. The test only consists of a X-ray and blood test and checking if you have 10 fingers. The whole process only took 10 mins, you need your company registration paper and your passport. Also note they cant speak English unlike at the other health test center so better take a friend or translator with you. The waiting time is 5 working days to get the health card and 30 days to make a an appointment for your staff to go check . The price is 0 rmb. All the staff that prepares the food need to hold a health card, for cashiers and waiters it is not required.

    The next step is apparently after you get the card to go to the same place where you register or alter your company information and fill in an application form, after that they will go inspect your shop and either give you the license or refuse it.

    i Will update as it goes along as sometimes what they say and what the real steps are varies.


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