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    Kaffe Stugan

    Yeah, I saw the post 🙂

    We are currently looking into selling beans but it will be a while before it’s up and running, March is our target.

    In order to secure the freshness and a price as low as possible it will be a sort of subscription since we want to offer coffee beans as fresh as when we drip the coffee here at Kaffestugan.

    We will update you more as soon as we sorted out the details.

    Please feel free to drop us an email if you are interested for more information on this matter.

    Daniel & Soojin

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    Kaffe Stugan

    Metro has it but they are OFTEN sold out…

    When they have it they charge about 18 kuai for 250 (or maybe 200) grams. They have it on one of the top shelfs in the cheese section, small red & white canister.

    Auchan has Creme Fraiche (not sure about spelling)once in a while, prices are all over, from 30 to 50 kuai but they are also often sold out.


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    Kaffe Stugan

    Hi !

    I’m Daniel, one of the owners of KAFFESTUGAN.

    Let’s start with the coffee.

    What we are selling is hand dripped coffee, we have a rostery in Qingdao who provides us with fresh beans. For hand dripped coffee it’s essential to have fresh beans and we never sell coffee roasted more than 10 days previous.

    Unfortunately the prices relect this a bit, first cup is 22 for a regular cup or 25 for a large cup (we add more coffe to the large cup so it’s not diluted).

    Refills are 10 kuai for a regular cup or 12 kuai for a large cup, you are free to choose any other bean of our selection of 10 beans and blends for the refill.

    Internet speed seems fine, if not super quick, according to our customers, but usually it’s ok.

    We also serve a selection of home cooked Swedish food, sandwiches and cakes, while we don’t have espressos we have a wide selection of milk variations for the coffees like lattes, aulait, ice-coffees and so on.

    Sorry about the shameless self promotion but since we were mentioned in the thread I thought it was appropriate to post some information…


    You are all very welcome to visit!

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