Freedur VPN Giveaway

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but we at Chengdu Living are big fans of Freedur VPN. We use it every day to access some of our favorite sites like Facebook and Youtube. We’re happy to announce that we have ten free annual subscriptions (valued at the newly discounted price of $60) that we’re giving away to readers. Read on to find out how to win.

Note: This content has run its course and winners have been announced below! The “chengduliving” coupon code still saved you 10% on Freedur, though.

About Freedur’s 50% Discount

Although we’re in the midst of a proliferation of VPN services, more than a few of these services have turned out to be sketchy or difficult to configure – or both, which makes Freedur that much more attractive. After installing a small program (available on Windows and Mac OSX) you’re able to access everything the internet has to offer. It’s really that simple.

And now is the best time to sign up since Freedur has reduced their prices by 50% on all subscriptions, whether you want to sign up for a year or just try it out for a month. Plus, use the code “chengduliving” at checkout and save an additional 10%! Can’t beat that.

Freedur’s Official Press Release

Freedur VPN features

In the past year, we have received amazing support from customers and partners. As a result, we are now in the position to buy servers in bulk and greatly reduce our cost across the board. We would like to say a big THANK YOU by extending our cost reduction to our customers: All Freedur VPN packages are now 50% off of its original price!
We are grateful for the love and we hope to continue earning your support. Here are the old and new prices:

Old prices:

1 month: $19.95
3 month: $49.95
6 month: $79.95
1 year: $119.95

New prices:

1 month: $9.95
3 month: $24.95
6 month: $39.95
1 year: $59.95

Please take advantage of this amazing offer and tell your friends!  Freedur is committed to being the best option for your VPN needs.

How to Win a Free Annual Subscription

To participate in the drawing, all you have to do is one of the following:

1. Subscribe to our RSS feed or

2. Join our Facebook Fan Page or

3. Join the Mailing List

Then, leave a comment on this post and you’re all set. If you’re already a Facebook fan or subscribed to the RSS feed, no problem: leave a comment and you’ll be included in the drawing.

Winners will be selected at random and mailed login information for your year-long account.

Good luck!

Freedur VPN Giveaway Winners

1. John

2. Joel

3. Samantha

4. Adam

5. Jacob

6. Angela

7. kkorange

8. Maree

9. Chrystal

10. Dave

Congratulations to all of the winners! Account information will be e-mailed to the addresses that you left along with your comments.

To everyone else, Freedur was nice enough to offer us a great consollation prize: a free one month trial of Freedur. If you like the service and want to continue using it, you can still save 10% because it came from Chengdu Living.

Thanks for participating!

If you’re already using Freedur or have any questions about how the service works, drop us a note in the comment field below.

57 thoughts on “Freedur VPN Giveaway”

  1. I can’t lie, I have had problems with the freedur servers a couple of times over the past few months. But in each case they responded very quickly to my emails, and the problems were immediately solved. The convenience and the speed really set it apart from other VPNs.

    Please include me in the give away…

    • Absolutely, service is an important part of any VPN service because you will inherently run into difficulties when you have people working against you trying to compromise the functionality. It’s great to know that Freedur is always on top of it unlike a lot of other VPN services which take your money and then don’t respond to e-mails, etc.

      You’re included in the giveaway, good luck-

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  3. I’m a subscriber, and I’d love a free account 😉

    My account with Witopia (also a great service) just ran out, and I’ve been considering my options.

    Do you know if it’s possible to view Hulu over Freedur?


  4. Hi, I really enjoy your website. Sometimes its blocked for me, so I’m hoping to win one of these so I never have a problem reading! I also want to try Facebook… I miss my friends from abroad.

  5. Moving to Chengdu in about a month’s time – great to read about the services available – I think I will definately be connecting with Freedur. Also does anyone have any information about satellite tv options? We are a family from New Zealand with 2 young children. Any info is appreciated. Enjoy reading your posts. Thanks

    • Welcome to Chengdu (in a month) Maree,

      Satellite TV is available in Chengdu – the way it works is you buy the dish for a few thousand yuan and then piggyback on broadcasts meant for the Phillipines or other (relatively) nearby countries. I haven’t used a satellite in China personally but I know a few people who have them. You might have to buy a new “card” every few months/years depending on how effective the satellite company is at preventing unauthorized use (which this is). Hope this helps.

  6. I’m subscribed to the auto-updates. Please add me to the giveaway list. I’ve heard great things about the service. thanks

  7. Me too. A lot of people were overlooking Freedur because the prices were prohibitively high (even though Chengdu Living has had a 50% discount for months, not everyone knew about it). Lowering the price was a sound decision which I suspect will earn them more money.

  8. I am already subscribed to the RSS!

    And I’d love a free freedur VPN, please add me to the list! I’m using Witopia right now and don’t like it much.

    VPN is not just a luxury.

  9. Subscribed to your RSS feed. I’ve had a bad experience with Astrill and I can’t wait to try out Freedur. If I don’t win an account I’m happy that I can still save 10% with the coupon code. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Charlie. Even though I didn’t win, it’s great to have the free one month trial of Freedur. I’m enjoying testing it out in comparison with Witopia. The installation is easy and connecting up to the service is super fast when compared to Witopia (which uses OpenVPN). However, when connected to Freedur I can’t access local sites on my web browser such as my modem’s web UI or websites locally hosted on my computer that I use for web development. Thanks again for hosting this giveaway.

  10. Hello,

    i would like to have a freedur account if possible sir to have a voice chat with my parents away from the place i stay Dubai.

    Thank You

  11. Michael,

    Like many others who commented I too am about to relocate to Chengdu from USA. I am less “Tech Savy” than some of those who commented but I believe that your applications has reasonable instructions for a novice to follow. When I get situated in Chendgu I would like to buy your service (1 year at a time). Can you please send me a link to the registration page so I have it available when I return?

    Thank you



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