Ghost-like Chinese Girl Scares the Hell Out of People (clip)

The origin of this clip is mysterious, but it depicts a Chinese girl wearing a nightgown and scaring the hell out of people as they enter the door next to her. It only takes one look at her silent gaze before bystanders freak out, one by one. Classic.

Click play to check it out:

I got a kick out of the end.

Would you be scared if you walked in and saw her staring at you silently?

13 thoughts on “Ghost-like Chinese Girl Scares the Hell Out of People (clip)”

  1. What the @#$% is going in that clip? I don’t get it. She startles the visitors, so it must be late at night and she’s giving them a freaky expression or gesture or something that we can’t see. Then some guy comes up and smacks her. it must be some coworker or colleague’s friend who is just playing a joke. There is always a rational explanation.

    • From what i know, this is a Korean girl who was just staring at people walking into an office building and the last guy smacked her because … he was scared poop-less

    • Have you seen The Ring? Or The Grudge? A lot of that style of Japanese horror films include exactly that kind of style. A placid and doll-like haunted girl.

      The clip seems very “Asian” though. In the US I feel like people walking through the door wouldn’t be too freaked out. Thankfully, here they are scared to great comedic effect.

      Plus, I got a kick out of the ending.

    • Rick, Asians, in this case Chinese
      have different beliefs of the afterlife.
      Some definitely believe in ghosts that haunt you, usually relatives who have not been buried correctly with all the customs. Read “Peony in Love” by Lisa See. Of course that was long ago, but it lingers, the belief of “real” ghosts.

      • “Based on a true story, Peony in Love uses the richness and magic of the Chinese afterlife to transcend death and explore the many manifestations of love. Ultimately, it’s about universal themes: the bonds of female friendship, the power of words, the desire all women have to be heard, and finally those emotions that are so strong that they transcend time, place, and perhaps even death.”

        Sounds pretty cool. I hadn’t heard of Peony in Love before.

    • How can you tell?

      It very well might be Korean. I think a lot of people assume it’s Chinese because of the Youku logo in the corner but actually it’s difficult to ascertain.


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