Links have been divided by topic to keep things organized and we’ve even included a brief description of each link to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you manage or frequently visit a site that you think should be listed here, contact us.

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Art & Culture

Neocha Edge – Mainland China’s leading creative blog, featuring posts highlighting artists and musicians from all over the country. Very frequently updated including fantastic imagery and original music that you won’t find anywhere else.

China Blogs

China Law Blog – You’d think that this was a stiff blog about legal policy but China Law Blog is so much more. Dan and Steve (both American lawyers from Washington State) publish advice for current and prospect businessmen engaging China, but the content appeals to a wide audience.

China Urban Development – Authored by our good friend Adam Mayer who was an American architect based in Chengdu, this is a truly unique blog about China’s urban development.

Far West China – American Josh has lived in Xinjiang for over ten years and shares his experience and wisdom on his regional blog. Far West China is one of the few English-language Xinjiang blogs that has remained throughout Xinjiang losing internet access for over half a year. Great content from a fascinating region of China.

Learning Mandarin

Mandarin Blueprint – A Chengdu-based online resource for Chinese language learners with a host of free and paid options. Very high quality and good friends who are doing great things.

Chinese Zero to Hero Wiki – A comprehensive wiki of Chinese language learning resources, maintained by the Chinese Zero to Hero team.

Hacking Chinese – One of the highest quality, most frequently updated blogs on learning the Chinese language. Highly recommend.

LINE Dictionary – Of all the online Chinese-English dictionaries, this is one of our favorites. Aside from looking and working great, LINE Dictionary features a ton of example sentences (which most online dictionaries omit), vocabulary lists, and even their own iPhone app. Highly recommended for anyone studying Chinese. Formerly known as Nciku.

Lingt – Lingt is an online game that makes learning Chinese fun. Lingt schedules vocabulary according to your ability and keeps you on a path of constant improvement. Lingt is so great that we wrote a post just for it.

Technology in China – Posts from the the blog of Chengdu-based digital services provider Mighil, who frequently writes about navigating specific challenges in China, particular those technology related.

Technode – Mainland China’s foremost authority on what’s happening in the domestic tech sphere, with a podcast and thousands of news articles on every facet of China technology.