Podcast #29: Mastering Mandarin with Luke of Mandarin Blueprint

In this episode of the podcast I have a follow-up conversation with the other co-founder of local Chengdu-based Chinese educator Mandarin Blueprint, Luke Neale. Like the previous podcast recorded with Phil on the subject of Mastering Chinese, we dive into how Luke came to speak, read, and write such phenomenal Chinese. Because this is such a deep and complex topic, there is a wealth of new and useful information to gleam from this episode.

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Topics Discussed

  • Defining “Elite” Chinese
  • Luke’s first missteps learning Chinese
  • Daily practice tips to keep improving
  • Preparing for and passing HSK 6
  • Pleco, Memrise, Popup Chinese, and other resources
  • Gabriel Wyner’s book: “Fluent Forever”
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in learning Chinese
  • What “plateauing” is, and how to prevent it


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