Mix Hostel

Mix Hostel, located in the North of Chengdu, is a hip hostel. It features single, double and bunk rooms, but the design of the hostel itself is sleek and minimal. It’s a good place to find information on what to see and do in Chengdu, or if you want to book a guided tour of the Panda Base or other Chengdu attractions. There are free computers that you can use to get online or use the free wi-fi if you have a laptop with you.

Inside Mix, there’s a coffee shop and small restaurant with a menu that delivers the usual hostel amenities.


Rooms at Mix Hostel range from 30 yuan for a bunk in a shared room, or 250 yuan for a double room.


In high season Mix Hostel can reach capacity so it’s recommended that you book accommodations in advance.


Name in Chinese:  驴友记青年旅舍

Address: 成都万福桥星辉西路任家湾23号

Telephone: (028) 83222271

Hours: Open every day and late on weekends

Online: Mix Hostel

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