#31: Kickstarting Augmented Reality in Chengdu

In this episode of the podcast I’m joined by Shin Liang, a Chengdunese software developer and startup founder who’s recently embarked on a new project: an augmented reality adaptation of a modular car racing game called Anki Overdrive. In our 36 minute conversation, we talk about Shin’s relationship with Chengdu’s technology sector, how it brought him to Silicon Valley and back, and why you might consider not outsourcing to China after all.

Topics Discussed

  • How augmented and mixed reality work
  • The future of AR as a potentially mainstream technology
  • Winning Chengdu’s first Startup Weekend event and the subsequent car crash
  • Moving to Silicon Valley and co-founding a company
  • Building a short video app company in Silicon Valley
  • Coming to terms with Kickstarter and crowdfunding
  • Why Shin sought freelancers abroad, and not in China


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