#32: Health & Fitness in Chengdu

In this episode I’m joined by Andrew Derry: Canadian powerlifter, jiu jitsu student and coach, and all-around paragon of health. Hailing from Calgary, Andrew recently hosted the largest powerlifting event in Chengdu’s history, and in preparation for his trip to Los Angeles next month to compete internationally, he shares insight into his training, routine, and lifestyle in Chengdu. If you’re interested in strength training, martial arts, and healthy living in Chengdu, this is the episode to listen to.

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Topics Discussed

  • Development of the fitness lifestyle in Chengdu
  • Strength training, weight lifting, and performance
  • The best gyms in the city
  • Diet, food in China, and what’s available at local markets
  • Creating the Chengdu Powerlifting Federation
  • Training and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • The importance of sleep

Andrew Derry


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4 thoughts on “#32: Health & Fitness in Chengdu”

  1. Who’s this Brendan fella? Great episode. I’ve seen Andrew inspire countless others since he picked up the weights himself in Chengdu, not to mention his surpassing my current lifts… Nice to hear mention of Blanca and co at b-active, they really have managed to create a positive community for anyone interested in fitness, and she’s definitely been championing that since she took the management spot. Should also give mention to SHIFT (Shaz) who continue to hold regular free classes in different disciplines, as well as Robbie (Taijitsu), and the ever loud Dani for her long time classes in and out of b-active gym.

    Should Andrew & Jack manage to open up a training spot in the near future (I sincerely hope they do) it’ll no doubt be a first port of call for anyone remotely serious about strength and fitness. The recent powerlifting meet at b-active drew a very positive crowd of spectators and participants, proof positive that there’s already a solid following in the city for something more. It’s been great to see the radical development of that over the last few years, and it’s clear there’s appetite for more.

    • The legend himself! Myself and Andrew and I’m sure many others who are on the road to fitness have a debt of gratitude to you. There is an emerging expat-based fitness community here, so I’m glad you give props to those people. Thanks for your comment and congrats on the recent powerlifting competition. I didn’t get a chance to say hello but I saw you there with flags doing your thing as the judge.

  2. Hey great eposide. I’ve been curious about looking for a good gym as others I’ve been too are toxic in my opinion. Lots of dirty equipment, sales rep constantly approaching me trying to upsale their crappy merchandise. I definitely want to get classes and perhaps get more info from either Brendan or Andrew. Any contact information available? Thanks.


    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for your comment. Finding a good gym here can be a real challenge. Add me on WeChat and I’ll get you in touch with them. If you are in the area (within a few miles of the US Consulate), B-Active is a great choice.


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