Save 50% on Freedur VPN

Perhaps you didn’t notice our Freedur giveaway a few months ago, but most of the Chengdu Living contributors use Freedur VPN on a daily basis to access websites that would otherwise be blocked to us. To say the least, it’s a great service that we value highly.

Freedur has been getting exposure from a number of websites since its introduction last year

Of all the VPN’s that we’ve tried (there have been quite a few!) we find Freedur to be the best solution because it works seamlessly on every platform. Turn it on, and whether you’re on a Windows or Mac computer, Freedur just works. Access Facebook, Youtube and all the sites that you’ve been missing out on.

So when Freedur dramatically raised their prices a few weeks ago, a lot of people contacted us with the question: “Why have the prices raised and how can I get Freedur for cheaper?

How to Save 50% on Freedur

Sign up for Freedur and enter the coupon code “chengduliving” at checkout and you’ll save 50% off the normal price of $119.95 per year (dropping the price from 2 yuan to about 1 yuan per day). If you have questions about how Freedur or VPNs work, read the Chengdu Living guide to unrestricted internet (one of our series posts) or leave a comment below.

Are you using a VPN or have questions about Freedur?

44 thoughts on “Save 50% on Freedur VPN”

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  2. This is a fantastic service that I highly recommend. They have great support and a constantly update the software.

  3. Awesome, thank you! How long will the code work? We’re not moving to China until August & I’d like it to buy it as close to when we move as possible.

  4. Freedur’s L2TP VPN works on the iPhone already, and Andriod phones as well. I think the “apps” mentioned in the screenshot is something separate?

    Thanks for the coupon code, will pass the word along.

    • You’re right, Freedur’s L2TP VPN works on iPhone (and iPad) currently, what the iPhone app is supposed to add is an easy way to toggle it on and off without going into settings. Using Backgrounder with the Freedur app will make turning it on/off much quicker and easier for people who don’t want to or know how to setup L2TP.

  5. You can also try TUVPN.COM vpn service, they are extremely good and providing PPTP and OpenVPN based vpn connection. their rates are also cheaper than freebur.

    • There are a lot of VPN’s that offer lower prices than Freedur but I rationalize the extra expense because of what they offer that’s unique.

      The major differences, to me, are the multi platform clients (Mac, Windows, and Linux) which enable one-click on/off funtionality and the continual updating of the software. They’re actively developing the platform and expanding the services and functionality which creates a lot of value in my opinion. I’m happy to find out about more VPN’s though because competition motivates everyone to create a better product which benefits the larger market.

  6. Great post! I just moved to Chengdu three weeks ago. I have a Witopia account but hulu video normally times out due to speed issues and YouTube is really slow. I was only able to get a 2M ADSL connection from China Telecom. I’d be interested to know how Witopia compares with Freedur here in Chengdu. How many servers can you connect to using Freedur and in what countries? Witopia gives lots of server options in various countries.

    • With Freedur they seem to keep adding new servers, but currently there are three in the US, one in UK, and one in Taiwan. I normally stay connected to one of the US servers and don’t find much of a need to even change it.

      Welcome to Chengdu 🙂

    • How’s the 2M ADSL in Chengdu? Do you get decent response time from US, HK and AUST servers?
      We’re looking for a business grade connection to VPN into terminal servers in US, HK and Australia? Is it easy to get a decent connection in Chengdu (from residential premises)?
      What about connections from commercial premises? Can businesses get better connections? Speed is not that much of a concern but response times under 150ms preferred.

      Any suggestions? ChinaNet maybe?

  7. Freedur has been very reliable past few months but out of the blue for two days I have not been able logon, neither could I see its homepage. Anyone has this problem?

  8. If i use the above “chengduliving” code to get the discount…. How much will be the discount if I apply Freedur only for the 3 months package?


  9. Thanks

    At the moment I am thinking about what service I should apply for now.

    My choice is Freedur or Astrill…. What’s the actual situation. Can somebody give me an idea….

    Astrill offers me a 7 days free trial in order to check their service, but most of the comments here say that I should buy Freedur….

    What buy great to get a comment

    Thanks a lot for your efforts!

  10. Whenever I use a VPN I get a message saying that I need to enable Java script. My java script, however, is enabled in my browser. Do other people get this message? How did you fix it? Does it happen with Freedur?


    • I’m not sure, but it appears to be down for the time being. I sent an inquiry to the people in charge and I’ll leave a comment here as soon as I know what’s going on.

      The Freedur service is still working fine.

  11. What happened to my previous post? It has been deleted, along with Charlie’s response.

    Anyway, the Freedur service and the website are both not working on my computer.

    It tries to “initialize” when I click on the icon, but it never does anything!

  12. So strange….I can’t see any of the posts on Chengdu Living. I just see them in my email account.

    I tied restarting the Freedur software and my computer, but nothing works!

  13. I have been using Astrill for 6 months now and have to say that it was very good. My account with them has now finished and Im looking at alternatives and preferably cheaper options. Will Freedur allow me to watch UK TV without any trouble. Astrill works on all UK TV sites except Catch up TV. Does Freedur not offer a trial period to test out the product?

  14. Thanks for getting back to me Charlie…Probably just stick with Astrill then as at least I know that I can definately watch UK TV with that from here in Spain..

  15. “Sorry Lorraine, Freedur doesn’t offer a trial that I’m aware of.”

    Freedur DOES offer a trial. ….Just go to their homepage and talk to one of their sales people via chat. They will set it up for you on the spot.

  16. …sure. And to anyone who is wondering, I signed up for this service after my free trial, and it has been working very well ever since.

  17. Werzer, the free trial I got was not some kind of advertised “limited time only” special. Just go to their homepage. They have live support and sales people there ready to chat with you.

    I went there and told them that I was looking for a VPN that would work on my iMac at home and on my Windows XP laptop at work. He said their service would work fine. Then he gave me a password that was good for three days. I used it and set up the software to see if it would work. It did, so I signed up for the service.

  18. freedur is pretty terrible…not working for a month already, i cant get a refund, does not respond to queries or tickets. automatically deduct from my credit card when expired. a total rip off

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