Podcast #24: Sichuan Food in Chengdu

There’s nothing from Sichuan that has had quite the cultural impact that the food has. Known globally and represented virtually everywhere on the planet, Sichuan often dominates discussions about Chinese cuisine (and in our opinion, for good reason).

In this episode of the podcast, I have a discussion about Sichuan food with Jordan, founder of Chengdu Food Tours. For several years Jordan has been working full-time on promoting his tour company, guiding visitors from around the world through the ins and outs (and what have you’s) of Sichuan cuisine. Partnered with the daughter of a local hot pot mogul, Jordan is knowledgeable on Chengdu’s local food scene and enthusiastic about sharing it with others.

Topics Discussed

  • How Jordan was introduced to Sichuan food and got started with Chengdu Food Tours
  • Staples of Sichuan cuisine and lesser-known items to check out
  • Sichuan food abroad, how it’s interpreted overseas and prepared differently
  • Spiciness and Sichuan food: how hot is it, really?
  • Anthony Bourdain in Chengdu and the effect his massively popular show has had
  • Dissecting the panoply of Sichuan cuisine
  • Baijiu Club

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